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Haze Special

Haze Special
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Haze Special, the name says it all.
A very special Sativa-Indica mix for the perfectly balanced high. It comes on slowly, but when it does, it's there to stay. So don't go on making plans. It is a very heady and thought-provoking high, but at the same time it keeps you alert and smiley.

The Haze Special is a tall plant with very little space in between the nodes. It has a very early flowering period. The same as with its high, it grows slowly at first, but when it is flowering you'll be surprised how many buds you will have.

Inside flowering: 6-9 weeks
Height: 125-150 cm yield up to 160 gram

Outside flowering: 8-11 weeks
Height: 225-250 cm yield up to 800 gram
Harvest: End of September until half October

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just perfect i like sativa to pupler i recomend water


Cool cette Ganja Et super offre a prendre d'urgence :)
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