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Mexican All In One Growkit

Mexican All In One Growkit
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One of the easiest grow kits available, this Mexican All In one Growkit will help you grow your own mushrooms without any extra knowledge or special equipment. The grow set comes with substrate colonized with the famous mexican mushroom, one of the most used mushrooms around the world. The mushrooms grow in flushes and generate a harvest of up to 400 - 600 grams if given the proper care. 

Mexican All In one Growkit Usage
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yeah :D shayana ich liebe dich :D erster flush 160(!) shrooms mit feuchtgewicht 150g :D zwar viele kleine aber einige große auch :D über wirkung berichte ich nach dem trocknen :D bis jetz 1a, meine box sah aus wie ein pilzwald :D


Shayana, It's been a couple years I'm using your sevices, and I gotta say, you just rock.
You've been delivering me my favourite mushs all around the planet in a record time everytime, respect.

Thanks and see you soon


Rock !


Amazing with company but can be tricky if alone. But it would not stop growing :) I harvested like 3times and they still grew :) I still have some after 1yr and nice trips with them were beautiful. Colorfull peacefull hippie groovy :) many times i felt like dwarf :)


Wonderful product, easy to manage, very good yield even at first attempt, best Mexican around by far.Thanks so much.


Third time I've grown these, this time putting trying them on a external hard-drive which was too hot. After three weeks I just put them on the table in indirect sunlight and they grow fine - point being they are quite sturdy. If you don't treat them perfectly you wont get massive yields but I've still got good value for money.

Potency wise, went to the cinema last night and shared 6 boiled up in Orange cordial, 30-45 minutes come up, 2.5 hrs peak and then a really nice coming back down to earth in the pub over the next 2.5hrs. Stronger than expected, film was hugely engrossing and am glad I didn't have to talk to anyone for that time, but could have. The Mexicans, as others have qualified, are mellow fun rather than chaotic or confusing. Very suitable to being out in nature, as all shrooms are, but were great for an evening cinema trip in public. No residual effect the following day and physically feel lose and relaxed.


they are just wonderfull very nice trippin' a begginer it was too easy for me to grow them,and they grow too fast.!!i can't wait for the next order.thanks shayanas gurys..!


Nice light, happy buzz. Not visually intensive but a satisfied cerebral high. Tried mixing with other varieties (post growing) but have found best effect is just these on their own. Suitable for people who do not do this often, or do not want to trip too much (I did mine at a BBQ with mostly straight people and was more than able to hold it together while still having a giggle).


Wery good and laugty stuff :) grows fast and a lot :)
Shanaya 100% respect.


Easy growkit for the shroom-lovin' sleepyheads. Got four flushes. The first one was 70 g, th second 148 g, the third 230 g and the fourth just 53 g.

Nice high - I find it really soft and can choose if you and yer buddies wanna have a lil walk in the forest with a warm blanket to lay down on occationally or if you rather party which works just fine too. I prefer making it more like a spiritual event with good friends.

Do it during daytime outdoors in th springtime or summer for optional experience!


thanks alot guys! always impressed by the fast shipment and the nice packaging!