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Pajateros - Giant Psilocybe Tampanensis

Pajateros - Giant Psilocybe Tampanensis
Trippy - Psychedelic, Trip, Mind Altering, Visual
4 - 25 Reviews
20 grams
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Price € 16,95
80 grams
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This enormous "Pajateros" psilocybe tampanensis is the big master of its kind! It is a true giant compared to the other types. The sclerotia of this mushroom, that has come to us from Guatemala, becomes much bigger than the trippy truffles we are used to. So invite all your friends, and make it a magical truffle party.

Shipped in a vacuum packaging.

Pajateros - Giant Psilocybe Tampanensis Usage

5g = light dosage 7.5g = medium dosage 10g = strong dosage


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis.
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Reviews Pajateros - Giant Psilocybe Tampanensis Review this product



Profoundly peaceful experience with my lady


Me and my brother took 15g each on a full moon. There where planes flying with beams coming out of them, auras around the moon and trees moving around. It was like being in a dream. But after a while we started to get paranoid and the trip turned bad...
But overall great


It's very easy to eat and tastes good. Just 5g., It is enough to make you. The light and in the vast palace guard. Value for money.
เป็นเห็ดที่กินง่ายมาก รสชาติดี เพียง5กรัมก็เพียงพอที่จะได้พบกับอีกขั้นของความสุข ตาลาย แสงสีพรั่งพรู กินแล้วรู้สึกดี สนุกไม่ว่าจะทำอะไร รอเวลาออกฤทธิ์30นาที อยู่นาน3ชั่วโมง
มันเยี่ยมมาก คุ้มที่จะซื้อ รับรอง


The best way to spend Sunday with friends.Great and really peacefull experience.The taste isn't that bad compared to other trufles.


Excellent fun. We had around 8 grams first time which was pretty lovely. Sat out under the colourful night sky for a long time. Second time we had 13g, which was just amazingly fun. Definitely reccommend these.


Wonderful feeling,colours , fits of laughter, very enjoyable..


This stones showed their power in very short time after taking it. The journey was nearly at my soul, after a hard to manage deep experience there were upcoming freedom at heart and well beeing with interesting inner and outer visuals. Strong stuff in a hihger dosis. Absolutely strange feeling for time. Anyway the stones work and have something to tell.


Absolutely wonderful! Took 15 grams and had the most beautiful experience in my life. Night, skies, trees, lights, I was crying from pure joy....


Very special feelings - no visuals just talking talking talking and lot of fun - love it, not so agresive like LSD or shrooms we gathering every autumn in Czech rep. Way different than the "shrooms".Trip was great but less energy compare to other species.
We were outdoor for a whole was snowing, visiting old castle on the hill above city - what a great sight and that was unbelievable....150% satisfied. Next time we will try some mexicana species XD


We each took a dose of about 15 grams. 12 hours later we are still loving the cleanliness and purity of the experience. The trip lasted about 6 hours and took about 2 hours to go fully inside. We received enough truffles for 10 trips.
One can really travel in space and leave the body completely on earth in the 3 dimensional realm. Happy loving times and definately a pure way to explore space, yourself, and the chicken (The yellow one).
Smoking the ganj helped us to return to the body and spring us back out even further than before.
Love to all and enjoy.


15 grams in tea. Felt intial effects when drinking it, content and mild head trip for a few hours but never really worked that well... I'll stick with shrooms in future...


It was like a dream walking and seems like a jurney in to picasso paitings. Wonderfull shipment also. We slept well, didnt feel tired at the morning. Thank you.


Very different with the amount you take first time was heavy as I did a whole pack to myself but was a very nice visual trip not as strong as the dragons dynamite tho but few times after I have split a pack with my partner and we both have a very mellow trip usually lasting 3-4 hours with a nice mong feeling till bed I smoke weed with tho which I finds lengthens my trips :)


Habe 75 g bestellt und sie mit Freunden ca 10g weise gegessen. Schmeckt schon eklig aber nach einer Stunde...
Jeder meinte, was cooleres hätte er noch nie erlebt. Wir haben während dem Trip die ganze Wohnung leuchtend dekoriert, waren Mega geflashed von der Musik (thriftworks- kostenlose Alben im Netz, legal, einfach google'n) und werden das SICHER nie vergessen... Alles in allem nur positive Erfahrungen.
Viel Spaß Leute!


these shrooms are the dogs bollox,euphoria with laughter and a spectrum of colours and visuals..seriously these are cool shrooms,preferbly outside under a clear sky is the best enviroment but just as good in the house with friends or the mrs..if u gunna try shrooms these bad boys will do the trick.


As long as you don't try and make a tea out of them they are brilliantly effective. Have to wonder who would try and make a tea out of truffles though to be honest!


absolutely amazing experience in the woods, down by the lakes with friends.... cant wait to do it all again


Wow! i used truffles for the first time. had mushrooms some years ago... we took ~10g each and I had a very fascinating walk through the forest at night, looking at the stars, here and there having a stop to lie down and get some intensive and delightfull "shok-waves" through my body and brain. it was beautiful . my friends stayed in the house and when i came back, they were giggling like little children :)

on the next day i took ~5g after breakfast, but there was hardly any effect...

the shipping was fast (i think 5 days) and everything was perfect... i look forward to the next episode :)


Dude this thing is big! Made me and friends have a magical time. Id tried different types of truffles to different results. This was one of the good ones!

I had an out of body experience that was awesome. This has my thumbs up!


did 12grams each with my m8 and we were in another world for about 6-8hours, my eyesight was totally immense could see everything in much finer detail, i was bending light and seeing some of my posters doin some crazy stuff, and best of all i loved everyone and everythink around me. wack that stuff on a dominoes pizza goes down a treat, :P peace and love!! :P x


Loved them! Taste not so good, but i found it works best to put them at the back of your mouth and down them with water. Wasn't an overly visual trip (took 10g each), but we were in fits of giggles all night and had so much fun! Never went wrong at all, and we ended up on the swings in a park at 4am, lying on our backs looking at the bare trees against the sky. magical!


WOW! From London UK BABY!! This sh*t frikkin rocks! Luv you guys to the skies.
x x


Amazing... Really good stuff. Delivery was fast... Cant fault it!


just got them today for my very first time:) soo excited....:) cant wait for the evening^^


Sehr, sehr, sehr toll! Ein Freund und ich teilten uns 15g und es war sehr geil! Haben einen Einkaufswagen 5 Kilometer durch die Stadt zurückgeschoben und es war eine absolut spaßige Angelegenheit. Sind wie kleine Kinder jeden Hügel runtergerollt den wir sahen. ^.^ Das feeling und die Optiken waren schön. Hätten mehr optics sein können darum nächstes mal jeder min. 10g! peaCe out ; )