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Sclerotia - Philosophers Stones - Magic Truffles

Sclerotia - Philosophers Stones - Magic Truffles
Trippy - Psychedelic, Trip, Mind Altering, Visual
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The Psilocybe Tampanensis Is a psychoactive or “magic” mushroom that produces sclerotia. Many shroom fans also know them by names such as “magic truffles” or "philosophers' stones".

A sclerotium is a dense mass of mycelium located underground used to store food reserves. But the Tampanensis also uses them to store psilocybin, the active psychedelic compound found in magic mushroom species.

Sclerotia look like little rocks and have a somewhat nutty taste. Users report their taste is not as bad as that of other magic mushroom varieties.

The Tampanensis also produces mushroom “fruits” that grow above the surface, but due to their lower psilocybin content, they are not as potent as the sclerotia.

The Tampanensis was the first magic truffle to storm the European markets. There are no records of it being used in previous centuries. In nature, it appears to be a very rare mushroom species, since all current Tampanensis descend from a single sample that was discovered only once, near Tampa, Florida.

Effects Sclerotia - Philosophers stones - Magic truffles

As the name “philosopher’s stone” implies, it produces a deep and thoughtful trip and a lot of giggling. Visual effects are slightly less pronounced than with other magic mushrooms. Main effects can last up to 6 hours.
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DAMN, this stuff was the bomb. I highly reccomend ending your night with a little sex, you will wake up VERY refreshed.


peaceful intense


hi all! when i first experience that product, i disappointed because i took small quantity but i feel euophric sense and very relaxing im sure this mushroom very strong than tehe others psicloybine i advice this product :)


beeatch :] dont you forget the most beautiful part of your trip ? when u went outside and saw the stars ?


Oh SO FUN!!!

I have taken standard mushrooms before, but these were just a BLAST! Listen to some good music, or forest "sounds" and chill...look around.

And's alllll in your miiiinnnd! ;) If you kick back and enjoy it, it will all be excellent.

Really, the *awesome* trip - just excellent. Have already ordered AGAIN!


What can I say?
I had a wonderful trip(excluding the comedown).At the end I was so tired and wanted to sleep however my brain was working with or maybe over maximum capacity and I felt that I am about to explode.Lost visual contact with reality then I tried vomitting and after vomitting I was 'ok' so to say. But still couldn't close my eyes because I was so deep in thoughts so deep about 'being oneself' 'the universe' and so on and so on.You know the story. My advice is do not eat regular food in copious amounts and do not drink hard alcohol cuz that's what made my comedown full of shit. And if you ask me know "do you want some philosophers?" I'd answer "who?me? noooo". Good mushrooms but not for me. I prefer something not that "philosophic" :) like liberty caps and cubensis


A great effect/price deal.Just loved it...


absolutes lob!!! 15 grams einfach himmlisch!!! flieg grad immer weiter. greetz d-man


Aux membres de, Messieurs... respect... vous êtes les papes du psylos, la qualité de votre produit est tout simplement bluffante, you are the best, je les manges avec respect, a vous converges toute ma sympatie et mon profond respect !
Merci, danke, gracias, etc... etc...


don't eat food 3-6 hours before and then take these, open eye visuals all night long, clouds turning into huge vortex's, spinning scrolls, large roulette wheels spinning off to the left of my vision, take fifteen grams wet on an empty stomach but they will work better when dried out, allthough don't get caught, wickad trip ordering some more


Mmmm, damn.....Nice :) Hadn't taken any substances like this for many years, then finally decided to try these as a gentle come back. First night I took half a bag (5 grams), felt a bit trippy (Very mild visuals/fractals), slight feel of butterflies in tummy, but nothing more. The night after that I took half a bag (5 grams) and felt the same, then ate another 5 grams about an hour later (rest of the bag) My whole body felt great, amazing puslating feeling coming from within the stomach and spreading outwards throughout the body. The visuals were stronger this time. I decided to eat a bit more (So 15 grams in total) and had the best 'experience' ever. The visuals/fractals from these truffles are similar to the Paisley Print. I was getting these in the darkness of my room, even with my eyes closed it was a strong as when my eyes were open. So in general, quite a physical experience.


I ate 15 grams and I couldn'T get any effect what is wrong with me


This mushrooms was excellent, good effects, extra night, It's good to be a mushrooms lovers .....haaaaaa !!!!


I became them after the mushroom (plural) invaded me because I was hate and didn't know what I was doing
I was just running

after I became the mushroom (eventhough I resisted at first.) I was happy
I loved all
and I was connected to all like I used to

I stayed open for a couple of weeks
untill I was (again) swallowed by the hateful city day

I was hungry for that opening
so I used it 2 more times in that same month of my 1st try
3rd one was awful
even the taste or the smell was directing straight into nausea

+ an extreme hate towards all bones
starting from the teeth

I still love it
but I guess I will be more careful towards them (or now, we :)
we will be miore carefull towards us then

we will eat us only when we need to
stop the mushroom hungry stomach
and wait for the time

eat us :)


First I'd like to say some things about shayanashop.
This on-line shop is great and not as other fancy shops who are saying that they're No1 (I dont't want to say names!).They are doing excellent job!
Anyway,tampanensis are just great,very trippy not as the hashish which many times brings you drowse.
If you had in the past experiences with other psychoactives or you are a hard drinker don't afraid to eat a good quantity 10-15gr(fresh) if you want to have a really good trip,smaller quantities bring you to an euphoric situation with a lot of laugh.I tried both and they'll remain to me unforgettable!
I'm ready to try more products and so are some friends of me to whom I gave a little to eat.
You're just really nice!


easier to consume than any of the other mushrooms


Tip: Make sure you eat these with an empty stomach! My friend and I (stupidly) ate them only an hour after a meal, and the effects took a good 3-4 hours to come on.

The taste isnt all that it is made out to be - I found them to be nuttey/rubbery with a sour aftertaste.


I had 5 grms of these and was impatient with results, so did the only thing correct in such circs. and sunk my wifes' share....still not a lot to write home about compared to the uk psilocybin (thankfully! but allass?!) but totally agreeable on the whole but might incease dose. A very good beginner shroom and quite tasty apart fron with red wine which becomes a 'drinking mercury' experience! You'd be a fool not to dabble!


first time trial. kinda nervous. after consuming a small amount felt a nice euphoria. ate a few more and enjoyed the hell out of it. i've smoke mj in the past with results of paranoia. these little babies gave me a great, similar feel minus the paranoia. can't wait to try more and other types.
this company (sayanashop) is great. i was nervous about ordering something like this from the internet. the package came after appx. 6 days. all products as ordered and do's an don'ts info. for us beginners.


Wooow, doode, this lil' thingies rock! Just don't mix 'em with strong cheese or anythin' like that!


it tastes very very very ver ve v ........




This mushroom tastes good !
The effects are very good too !


man, these shrooms totally rocked me back to my foundations, they`re great, it took about an hour for the effects to kick in, i got visuals and very mild hallucinations, lots of giggling and a nice physical feeling, they`re great for playing rugby too funnily enough, i'm going to stick with these for a few months


I,m in hour 3 of my first trip ever wowwowowowowowowowowow just sptd in to a net cafe out of my head in me head in controll not quite LOVE U SHAYANA


p.stone + weed thats all...


Great product. If you take too lil you will be dissapointed. I think at least 3 grams of dry product
should be ate on empty stomach. to achieve full effects.
If you get paranoid on it or other products. It is because
you are in an unsafe location and worry people will
see you or do harm to you. Brought on by the feeling you are doing something wrong. Are you doing something wrong?
Also what is good for one might not be good for another.
Just use common sencence in you life choices.
Good luck on the tight-ropes of life


The litlle shrooms arrived fresh(45g), and fast. We ate about 5 gram each hour.. that didnt really work.. But it worked:-)Anyways- philosofic yes sir!! halucinations not really.. I better try some of the other mushi´s:-) SHAYANA ROCKS!!


did 15g of these wet...truffles rock.. had amazonians yeaterday and compared to the tampanensis they sucked! i was god!! it was great. no paranoia or sickness or anything


gooooooood stuff had me tripping really bad i didnt get it from here but from a friend who said he baught it form here BUY BUY BUY BUY THIS SHIT


First I would like to say what exellent delivery and customer service shayanashop has!! I have eaten shrooms some times before and ordered these twice. The taste was ok except for the sour aftertaste. First time I orderd ate them with 2 friends.Great experience.lots of laughter,feelings, visuals but no “phisosophy” The 2nd time was a week after with a friend and there were a lot of philosophical conversations...the 3rd time was good 2! Great shrooms!!!Expected more hallucinations though:( Don eat em 2 days in a row, did it and even though I ate more the 2nd time the experience wasnt so let some days pass. Keep on eating… peace!!!