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Magic Psilocybe Mushrooms


Psilocybe Mushrooms, also called Magic mushrooms are called “magic” for a reason. These little gifts of nature can offer an experience that even the best special movie effects cannot provide. Users will experience colors, images and patterns they have never seen before. They will learn new insights and have revealing visions.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they have been used for centuries by shamans and witchdoctors, who considered them to be sacred and divine. But of course, you don’t have to start performing complex rituals to enjoy them. An evening at home or in nature with some friends is the ideal setting. Be prepared for a lot of laughter (everything becomes funny!) and some magical discoveries and wonderful insights.

Magic mushrooms come in different sizes and forms and each variety has its specific effects. Some offer visual trips, others have a very funny effect. Some are very light, others are stronger. Always read the product description and follow instructions and you’ll have safe and enjoyable trip.