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Champignons Magiques


Psilocybe mushrooms or Magic mushrooms have been around forever. Man's first known experiments with magic mushrooms date back 7000 to 9000 years. At very light dosages, "shrooms" can be used as a party drug. Users are advised to take them in a place they know and feel safe. Mushrooms can take you on an amazing magical trip where the impossible becomes possible. The journey can be a really intense, spiritual, or very visual trip. Mushrooms are a product of nature, and can have different effects on different people, since every person is unique. Be smart and start off with a small dosage. If you like the effects, then you can experiment with bigger dosages or other types of mushrooms. Each mushroom variety has its specific effects. Some will take you on a light trip with lots of laughter and mild hallucinations whereas other varieties give a strong trip with vivid hallucinations, in some cases providing true wisdom and deep insights.