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Another fantastic cleaning stamp from Bong Bastic! This will clear you mind as well as clean your bong. Expect to start seeing results in your bong after just 15 min and have the whole process over in about 6 hours. This is one of the of the best Clear Thinking products there is, so relax and be at one with your bong.

Keep the stamp under the tongue of your bong for best effects and don’t let it go straight down. Another great product from a great brand.


Cleaning produces colourful visuals, your bong will feel connected with the universe


1 stamp
1,5 stamps


6 hours


AL-LAD (150µg)


Not intended for human consumption.
Track & Trace shipping is not available for this item.

Reviews LaSiDium Review this product



Good stuff, other half and I had a great time hiking with AL. I'm around 200lb, wifey is just over half that and we both had an enjoyable time with 1 tab each. Recommended!

Note: Right after I got these in the mail shayana posted that it won't ship this item to the US anymore. This was kind of disappointing as I don't have any other hook ups for this stuff and some responsible friends of mine want to give it a try. If this stuff ever gets the green light again, you can bet I'll get some. (Any wiggle room here shayana? lol) Cheers!


Pretty much satisfied with the product. Cleans your bong as good as the original from Albert Hoffmann. I could not have seen a difference in the results. Only difference might be that Lasidium cleans the bong in maybe 6 hours while the original takes somewhat longer. Still a great product, definetely recommended. I will order it again...


Oh yes,thank you Shayana!
This product going so natural,modified you gently and easy.
Full of erotic,love and peace.
Good for openairs.
This what i give to my friend.;)


This product is - though very simmilar to lucy - a compound that stands out on it's own and not only as a substitute. In my experience it is weaker than acid in many ways, which in fact isn't that negative though. Visually it is about as active if not even more active than the original, but the mindtrip is not quite as extreme. On Al-Lad your bong will enjoy many beautiful patterns and feel at unity with everything, in a very meditative state, whilst still staying very clear. This along with the much shorter duration makes the experience way less exhausting. I would reccomend using both stamps though, unless you are new to the cleaning process, in that case one stamp makes a good start, giving your bong a soft cleaning experience it will be able to handle. Al-Lad is like the sweet and pleasant candy version of acid in my experience. If you want your bong to journey 'cross the circle to unsanity though, i would rather reccomend the new "acid" bong cleaner, which is more intense there and almost not distinguishable from the original.


Half a stamp, didn't have any vision but really good thinking even though since I took it late in the night, I didn't really sleep: I was in bed with my companion, he slept while I was dozing off through my thoughts.
However when I woke up —because I slept a bit, but I might have been thinking for a few hours before being able to— I felt really good, calm and happy, like, very serene and in fact very awake like after a good night sleep despite the fact I might have slept only a couple or two of hours.
Eager to try it again with a full stamp, I'll write another review for it.
Conclusion: really good time with only half a stamp, I recommend it!


First of all the shipping was very fast. The product really cleaned my bong well - damn! I recommend 2 for the dirtier bongs. I'll buy again soon.


I and my wife took 1 stamp each. I was in a pretty bad mood, so the stamp made things even worse for some time. Eventually, I got over it and got to enjoy myself a bit. My wife had a joyful trip with great visuals. Bottom line, it was a great experience for both of us no matter the gloomy part. Will order it again for sure.
Thank you, Shayana!


franchement merci shayana,commandé le dimanche soir reçu le mercredi. Je suis un gros fan du lsd25. Avec le AL-LAD j'étais sceptique je pensais être fortement déçu en fait pas du tout. J'ai été agréablement surpris. Pour commencer à bien ressentir les effets il m'a fallu 3/4 d'heure voir une heure, plus long que son grand frère le lsd25. bons visus là dessus pas de souci ils étaient présents. J'ai beaucoup ris je ne pouvais pas m'en empêcher. Pour moi je trouve qu il manque juste une chose c'est au niveau du côté mental. Je trouve qu'il manque au AL-LAD ce qui pour ma part fait une grande partie du charme du lsd25, c'est cette partie où tu te perds dans tes divagations spirituelles interne. Du coup ça en fait un bon prétendant pour les personnes qui n'ont jamais essayé le lsd25 et qui on peur de partir en bad. Avec cette molécule il y a une barrière de sécurité qui t'empêche de partir en bad.


I like a taste then we love lsd its a same turn
I bay 10 stamps but i bay not 10 stamps when its therm s.i.t


The cleaning process started with a '?', but soon that sacred feeling
came around, quite reminding of magic evenings in those good old times. Slightly different; let's say, a bit more Lucy than Diamonds, and she comes with power, a touch speedy, but in aphrodisiating colors. Also some softer, less dramatic, easier to handle than her sister.
Finally, I was smiling at the result, and was quite mystified, the bong was sparkling deep, and the positive drive remained for quite
a time.
Thus, a 1001 thanks to Shayana for this ingenious idea, surely being worth further applications.


I took 2 tabs ....
Beautiful and magical ....
A real surprise indeed . Now my favorite psychedelic - I would take this instead of Lucy any day .
Thankyou Shayana for stocking this superb product - I am very grateful indeed to have been able to source this very special item .Disappointed it is now sold out .
Will order more as soon as new stock arrives .


Oh yes,thank you Shayana!
This product going so natural,modified you gently and easy.
Full of erotic,love and peace.
Good for openairs.
This what i give to my friend.;)