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Cbd Skunkhaze

Cbd Skunkhaze
5 feminized seeds
Price € 44,00
DutchPassion_CBD_SkunkHaze_01.jpg CBD SkunkHaze
CBD Skunk Haze comes from a project between Dutch Passion and CBD Crew. The goal was to achieve an optimum ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD. For medical use low %THC is preferred for some medical patients who want a relaxing and high quality genuine cannabis effect without the intensity that some high THC varieties give. Recreational users find that high CBD levels give a very comfortable and smooth high without anxiety or paranoia.

This Sativa/Indica cross (50/50) produces large buds which are not too dense. The aroma and taste are of spicy cedar wood alongside tones of citrus, pine and mint. CBD Skunk Haze® grows well Indoors and in a greenhouse. The flowering period is approximately 10 weeks and yields up to 450 grams/m2 are possible under ideal conditions.

• 1st Prize "Medical Catogory" Karma Cup 2016
• 2nd Prize "CBD Catogory" Lift Expo 2016
• 2nd Prize "CBD Catogory" Lift Expo 2016

• Cross: Skunk x Haze x CBD
• Genotype: Indica/Sativa
• THC: 7.5% / CBD: 7.5%
• Sex: Feminized
• Grow: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
• Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
• Yield: XL


CBD may benefit those with a low tolerance or those treating conditions such as pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Its psychoactive effects are subtle, offering a tame experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without too much mental cloudiness.

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