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Mexican Growkit - Xl

The easiest mushroom grow kit to cultivate is back and bigger than ever. This Extra Large Mexican All In one Growkit will make sure that you have plenty of shrooms to go around. Grow your own magic mushrooms without any extra knowledge or special equipment.

This growkit comes with substrate colonized with the famous mexican magic mushroom, considered to be the world’s favourite magic shroom. The mushrooms grow in flushes and generate a harvest of up to 900 - 1100 grams if given the proper care.


Harvest on average 1000 grams within 2-3 weeks
Multiple flushes possible
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Arrived in a week with no damage and some freebies! :)


Just harvested my box first flush and got 320g wet Mexican beauties. Time to dunk and go again :)


Really satisfied! My scale is broken, so I don't know the exact yield, but I'm on my fourth flush know, and still going strong. The first was obviously the biggest. The box was completely packed! Second was big for a second flush. And third flush filled almost half the box, but the shrooms was much, much bigger. It seems like theres at least one or two more flushes in it.

Two tips: First of all, you have to tape the bottom and the sides with duct tape(or similar) to avoid light polution, and pinning at the sides and underneath the cake. Second, I would recommend drying the cake for a few days between flushes. To simulate natural conditions. Worked like a charm for me. Good luck, and most of all, ENJOY!


These were my last journey before the new purchase. Made a tea, detached 15 minutes later and felt my soul pushing at the walls of my living room. I needed more space. I stepped outside to let my mind breath and felt myself instantly fill the void of outdoors. I was home, trees painting the sky as I ducked under them. My fingers laughed as I pointed at a non existing river and proceeded to walk through a hedge that may not have been there. All I know is this needs to be shown to the masses. Their minds need to see the reality of a world that exists but which they are currently oblivious to. Much fun to be had


unbelievable happened, mushrooms were growing taller and stronger every new flush and i had 9 flush with more than 120g dried, and 10th flush on its way, damn!!! thank you shayana, its awesome. love them mushrooms.


nice ones! got 4 shots 350g, 150g, 100g and 110g fresh and now waiting for shot nr5, but after 3rd shoot they are not so strong and need to take more. These are great shrooms. 1,5-2 g dried and you are goane. If you are drunk it is enough 0,6 g to get light trip. If eat 3g or more n one time can get bad trip.