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Liberty Haze

Barney’s Farm has managed to cross the G13 male with the speedy flowering Chem Dawd91. The keyword with this strain is fast flowering, encompassing both indica and sativa characteristics. This is quite a tall and chubby plant with considerably chunky calxes which grows well in both indoor and outdoor ambiences. The colouring consists of hints of red and purple hairs with elongated dense colas. Expect a quick reaction with a long lasting euphoric high.

- Type: Indica/Sativa
- Yield: 650 g/m2
- Flowering period: 8-9 weeks
- Ambience: indoor/outdoor

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This is first strain I ever grew indoor. Been growing from seed indoor and cloning the lower branch's when I turn down for head. Getting between 8-12 oz a plant indoor, and the clones I grow indoor for 3-4 weeks then put outdoor to head, takes 10 weeks to mature outdoor but a lb up to a lb and a half a plant is well worth the time... Add to it the fact this is one of most potent strains around and you win in every way. I also have the added bunus of living in tropics so outdoor light is close to 12 hrs all yr round so this strain for me is beyond spectacular indoor and out... Thanks Barney's farm and thank you shayana for yes of great service that compares to none

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