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Northern Light Auto - Royal Queen

Northern Light Auto - Royal Queen
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Royal Queen Seeds present what might very well be the highest yielding autoflowering cannabis strain: Royal Northern Light Automatic.

Autoflowering strains can come in really handy when you don’t feel like putting too much energy in regulating your plant’s life cycle. One of the disadvantages connected to ths use of these strains is the rather small yield they produce. Royal Queen Seeds has now resolved this problem with Royal Northern Light Automatic. With this baby, obtaining a big and quick harvest becomes a piece of cake.

Plant Height: 90-120 cm
Bodily, calming effect
T.H.C. level: average high
Genetics: Northern light crossed with autoflowering strains
Flowering: Autoflowering
Yield: 90-200 grams a plant
Harvest: 9-10 weeks after germination
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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Good genetics, easy germination. Has a good smell and look good! in size it didn't surprise me much, but it was due to a few human bugs! for autoflower, i say 8/10


Looks like insane and still getting higher not harvested yet ^^