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Pura Vida Cbd Tea – Hemp

Pura Vida Cbd Tea – Hemp
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Luxurious and naturally grown Hemp tea from certified organic farms in the hills of Croatia. Sun-kissed, hand-picked and lovingly cared for with farming techniques passed down through the generations for over 20 years, without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Made from the dried young flowers and leaves of the Hemp plant gives this tea a very gentle herbal taste – no real cannabis-esque taste, no stoned or high feeling but slightly bitter if left to steep for too long.

• 40g of CBD Infused Tea
• Makes +/- 20 - 40 cups of tea
• Healthy and full of flavour


Pura Vida CBD Hemp tea gives a naturally calm feeling and is perfect for a night time drink.


Cannabis Tea has been used in India & China for almost 5000 years, also called "Bhang" in India. Traditional recipes include the use of other spices to enhance the natural benefits of drinking this tea. Add turmeric, coconut oil & milk, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, laurel leaf and honey for taste and sweetness.
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