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Natrium is the best smelling cleaner we have yet developed. As you get started expect to be concentrating on your cleaning in about 5 min with your most intense polishing in about 20 min. The product should have the desired effect and finished the cleaning process in about 1 – 2 hours.

You will be happy to get your new sweet smelling bong scent up your nose with a clear head and tell everyone about it.


Energizing, bong stimulating, social enhancement.


50 mg
100 mg
150 mg


1-2 hours




Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Denmark , Sweden , Switzerland

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DAM! this stuff blew me away! it is amazing!!!
Like it better then snow!!
Only thing it hurts your nose.
But i found out, if you take a small line of 10mg, wait 15min.
then take another 90mg and it will not hurt as much.
Keep coming with this amazing stuff Shayana Rules



Absolutely worth a try.
Not similar to any significant product. But it works for it's own.

It's freshing the air up.
You can go with it a long time.
Social competence guarantee.



This is just awesome! You need very little to get a very positive mood and nice rush of energy. One of the best products out there :-)


I'm so much loving this stuff !
I reordered and I had buy 15grm 's Natrium untill now

That's so good effect and keep on me up about 3-4hours

I really love it, but I think it's little bit expensive...
If it was more lower price, I wanted to buy more 15grm or more a lots of packages

I like the Natrium than ex product Ferox
Ferox made me feeling high,but effect time was short
But Netrium makes me powerful and effect time is not so short

Only the first a few times, it's gonna makes you feeling high and so happy
And after ,you may not can feeling so high but it's may could be powerful and feeling a little bit happy

I'm already spend 12grm in this 2-3weeks ,but it's still feel like good effct and makes me powerful and keep on me up as same as first a few times


Tried to clean my coffee-cup with it and.... WOW! ... about 100mg dissolved and drunken at 10:00 p.m. and it kept me up until the morning - same again then, and you keep dancing the whole day. The best: It's enough for 5 nights and days like this B-]


Surprise, surprise! :) Natrium is in a way, actually superior to the classic C. Never would have guessed's a winner!!


Well... this is a very good product. it does burn at first. Do a little, wait 5 min. due the rest. it really does what its supposed to do. I'll be getting it again for sure!!!


It is just perfect for me. It kept me up like 7 hours, using just small quantities each hour and a half. It kept me concentrated in what I was doing... It is the best Shayana´s Product I have ever tried. I strongly recommend to buy this fucking amazing drug.


Really good stuff. I have tried several other sniffable products and this is by far the best, not only for the effect but also the sniffing process, doesn't hurt. Kept me up and alert all night for the party, but still felt great the next day with no major mucus issues. Also didn't get that same craving and jaw action I sometimes get from C. Will definitely be buying again!


Natrium was nice! lasts very long. much longer then the real deal. after effect is much better as well. no down feeling.
Liked it!
I have the feeling it lasted for hours.


I really like this - started small (1/10 gram) and had an instant burst of energy. Burns a bit, but numbs the areas applied. Feels like a real smooth speed or tons of coffee, but with no harsh body load or upset stomach. Lasts about 3-4 hours, but you can eat and everything. No euphoria, just a smooth steady burst.

* Note: Using too much brings about "the fear" - aka severe anxiety wondering if you did too much.


This is an excellent product! Fully recommend to anyone looking for functional energy and focus. Also fantastic customer service especially from Mandy who is always very helpful. 1 gram seems to be a generous size. I will be definitely be ordering again.
Thanks Shayanashop, top marks! :-)


Les moins :
- Brule (méchamment) le nez au début (puis on s'habitue ..)
- L'euphorie ne dure malheureusement pas autant que la stimulation
- On a envie d'en reprendre tout le temps ..
- Fait suer (beaucoup si prise importante ..)

Les plus :
- Moral au top pour deux heures
- Forme au top pour au moins six heures !
- Pas cher !

Bref, a recommender, mais avec modération


Very nice. 1g will do many cleanings.

This product is however heavy for the bong's body. The side effects won't make you sad or paranoid the next day but kind of being physically tired for a few days after the party, plus headache & possible stomach pain the next day... extremly addictive also


great product. Gives you a lot of energy without being too high. Perfect to enjoy a moment with your friends, do some cleaning or , best listen to music ! I highly recommend it but saw that it was now forbidden in the UK, so enjoy it till it's available. I'm lovin' it ! ;)


Faster delivery as of late & the best there is fantastic fast frenetic makes the eyes of your bong gleam like never before of any other product out there keep it coming Shyana X you rock baby 😀


This product has changed my life, it really takes a small amount 2mg,

and 5 minutes I am functional for 5 hours... Then, if need, do more, or wind down and sleep easy. Went back for more...


wasnt bad at all definetly did the trick and was able to clean just wasnt as strong as a cleaner as i thought it was going to be


Natrium is a fantastically energising product. It's very clean, strong, long lasting and has virtually no come down. 10 out of 10!


for sure one of the bestests substances i have ever tried to fix many things like no offence for dirty bong that was used for age's whatever


Good cleaner! It works so good, and in my 1g-bag, there was 1.4g! But I'm pretty sure that "smelling" Natrium is not so good for your bong's mucosa! I think that, if you like bong's stimulant, you have to try it, but not in a regular way! Your bong's nose will thank you!!
In conclusion, nothing to say about Shayana's service. You're the best!


This bong cleaner works very well, and very fast. It can be a bit harsh, and short lasting, but if you use it to clean as directed, you will be satisfied. Thanks, Shayanashop!


It can to reveal the world better, but it's a personal lived which to approach whit care and knowing than the dangers start at the beginner and there reveal in the time. There can be more than the fars, ant there increase


This is what I'm talking about dreamer product couldn't ask for anything else out of it to be honest it's sharp current no nasty proper bong cleaner cut thru any fog or bad head day plan ahead if you live further away as it took the 30 days I'm sure that wasn't there doing thank you


Merci la commande et bien arrivée.
J'ai testé et ça me va mes ca pique le nez bon dieux.
Pour moi cet mieux comme ça je déteste chercher dans la rue voir k je suis une femme.
Très discrète
Merci Shayana 😏


Excellent. Pas d'effets secondaires à ce jour. Pris régulièrement à petites doses. Peut sauver une soirée trop arrosée. Il y a un air de reviens-y, mais si on y revient pas c'est super. Pour ma part je n'y vais pas pour le pic, mais pour la maîtrise. Nom de code pour ce produit : le stabilisateur. Merci pour cette chance shyana. Pourvu que ça dure...


Yes very good job loved it x very clean takes the bong to a shiny place with no problem cleaning the day after unlike other cleaners out there I'd go the extra mile to grab this one while you can


Thank god for this shop just wish u could pay for next day delivery other than that this stuff is pretty good dose the job of getting thrugh the day and just love it .......need to write 100 character long... Umm it's good


Amazing product, took very carefully in small amounts mixed with water due to having read it can cause damage to the nasal passage. Effects began within 20-30 minutes and they were what you experience from coke. Several additional small doses were administered and the effects increased each time. Enough in one purchase to keep 2 experienced takers playing in party mode for a whole night and most of the early hours, highly recommended this product but do take carefully and sensibly. Service around ordering and delivery were perfect, quick and discrete top marks shayanashop will order further products soon.


Very good powerful cleaning action highly recommended! this shop is the best! quick service great products at reasonable prices a pleasure to purchase from all together, would definitely recommend them to friends