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Marijuana Medical Handbook

Marijuana Medical Handbook
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Marijuana Medical Handbook is one of the only works written for people who have little or no experience with marijuana, but want to obtain reliable and complete information about its medical value, with an emphasis on symptoms related to cancer, AIDS/HIV, glaucoma, and many more conditions and illnesses. When used in a correct way, Marijuana can be a highly valuable and safe medicine.
Thanks to the Marijuana Medical Handbook everyone will be able to learn more about the medical powers of this natural product. Readers will get answers to important questions such as : Which effect does Marihuana have on the human body ? Which conditions, diseases can be treated with marihuana ? What is the safest way to take marihuana ? What are the real side effects ? How do you make sure you have a consistent supply? What are the legal consequences?
The Marijuana Medical Handbook gives a complete description of the characteristics, effects, risks, and uses of marijuana. It also provides a handy step by step guide to make your own personal garden. The Marijuana Medical Handbook is an important reference guide and a valuable contribution to today's medical and political dialogue affecting American national and state laws and ordinances regarding marijuana and its medical applications.

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