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Long Lasting - Dutch Orange

Keep the feeling going with this special blend of herbs that allows the euphoric vibe to carry on for a longer time than the original blend.


Kanna extract, Passion flower extract and other exotic herbal extracts are the main components of Dutch Orange Mix.

WARNING: Beware of any copycats out there and don't settle for less than the one and only original Dutch Orange, available only at Shayana Shop!
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Belgium , Canada , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Not as good as the real thing. but pretty good. cleaner. more focused not as stupid like sometimes with the real stuff. it does the job!!


The Return of the King! (much better than Tolkien's)
Thank you to all the people who made possible the return of this amazing products.


reçus rapidement, toujours aussi bon, emballage discret . Un plaisir d'évasion et pas besoin dans mettre beaucoup . TOP ;


I'm more of a supporter of the Original but my hardcore friends don't want anything else but this one, personally too strong for me as well as the extreme.