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Dutch Orange Intense

Another great blend from the Dutch Orange series with an INTENSE impact. With its higher concentration of core ingredients you will be very happy with this new herbal blend. Taking the same characteristics as the Dutch Orange Intense Herbal Incense, this blend will give you a stronger and longer lasting effect.

WARNING: Beware of any copycats out there and don't settle for less than the one and only original Dutch Orange, available only at Shayana Shop!
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Belgium , Canada , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Great product! Ordered 3 of them the next time. It was the solid hash variant that arrived though, which is not for me. Get the loose blend, I implore ye


Now this is more like it. Had run out of the T-Stick so went for this instead. Is it better? I don't know. Is it good? Hell, yes! A good way to spend the evening with a pen and paper/ solve the universe/ stuff that'll make you laugh your ass off every time you're-read just what you've just done. Hilarious


'Intense' is the right word to qualify this fucking shit ! First time I smoked it I didn't care about the amount I put in my spliff ... But believe me , I should have care ! I laid on my bed during an hour laughing for nothing and a goofy look on my face , stuck there like a beached whale lol ... I'm more warry now but despite the price , it's a reall good stuff (not cut with crap) and you can go for it !


Greaat stuff Really really liked it.
Will order this blend again asap


Très bon produit avec une intensité parfaite pour passer une après midi tranquille sans effets violents. On à l'impression de tourner sous une sativa légère, avec juste ce qu'il faut de produit pour planer en étant pro-actif ! Mélangés avec la long lasting, c'est ce qui m'a fais le plus penser à de la ganja !

Je recommande vivement, ce produit accompagne doucement et surement toutes mes journées maintenant !