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Experience the Magic Mushroom

Experience the Magic Mushroom

Psilocybin mushrooms or more commonly known as magic mushrooms are psychedelic and have been used for thousands of years by men. All magic mushrooms contain a physcoactive indole alkaloid to bring about its trippy effect. They are found naturally all over the world and can be dated back to the prehistoric ages making them one of nature’s true natural psychedelic agents.

Light dose

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For a light dose of mushrooms it is considered around 3-4g is enough to cause a good trip and this is what should be taken by first time and occasional users.

Regular dose

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If you are a more experienced user and want to go for a heavier trip you can go up to around 8g in one dose. As for all drugs, you should know your limit, the effects are insane. You should begin to feel an effect within around 30 minutes after you’ve taken the dose.

Visual Effects

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As you may know magic mushrooms are known for causing visual hallucinations and other very interesting effects. It should be noted that each individual is different and there are different types of magic mushrooms with different effects. No two people will have the same trip so just sit back and let the mushrooms do their work. There are numerous effects of magic mushrooms which include sensory changes that enhance colours, bring about halos and even cause images to warp! Your audio senses also increase giving you sharper hearing and clarity.


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Whenever you are taking magic mushrooms you should try to ensure you take them in safe and familiar surroundings as this will aid in the trip. If you are somewhere where you don’t know, you could experience a bad trip, so if you can try to be somewhere you know with people you know to enjoy a spacey trip!


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The deepest part of magic mushrooms is its effects of spiritualism and enlightenment. There are many types of mushrooms which can bring about serious thought and enlightenment while on the trip which cannot be thought of naturally. It really can be a life changing experience and provides you with a chance to delve deeper in your own subconscious to find out the inner most parts of your brain and body.

Our Range

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Here at ShayanaShop we have an extensive range of magic mushrooms available for you to try and enjoy its immense psychedelic effects. With our range you can experience many different types of trips knowing you are buying the real product at an extremely competitive price. Whichever kind of trip you are looking for we can cater to and we’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right mushrooms for you. So what are you waiting for, it is time for you to trip!