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Growing Cannabis Plants

Growing Cannabis Plants

Cannabis is a flowering plant commonly called marijuana. Well known for its medicinal properties, it is also popularly used as a recreational drug. The cannabis plant is characterized by its green flowering leaves and is widely found growing in its natural state in parts of central and south Asia.
There are two main types of Cannabis: Sativa plants are characterized by their tall stature, longer flowering time and happy euphoric effect. Indica plants are short and stocky with wide leaves. They produce a sedating and calming effect: the feeling of being stoned. Cannabis has a number of medicinal properties and therapeutic purposes. In many countries, the plant is used more for recreational purposes due to its euphoric and sedative effects. Hash, Pot, Weed and Grass are all common local slangs for Cannabis.

Cultivating Marijuana

White Widow - auto & fem
Cannabis has been cultivated for centuries by humans produced for the varied properties both medicinal and intoxicative. The plant yields important ingredients such as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which has analgesic properties. CBD or cannabidiol has been tested for its sedative properties and stimulate alertness for studying. The chemical structures of cannabis are known as cannbinoids with more than 70 varieties in existence. CBD and THC are both known cannabinoids. These are released during heating of the plant in high temperatures.

Growing Cannabis Plants

Bubbleberry - auto & fem

When growing cannabis plants, 30 to 50 % will result in male plants characterized by pollen sacs which are shaped like balls. These are the first parts of the plant that will be visible till flowering takes place. Most cannabis plants are tall and have strong stout stems with irregular branches and some leaves. During the flowering stage a male plant will produce a bud at the tips of the branches. Unlike the female plant, there will be no hair growth. You will not find tiny white hairs coming out of it. When cannabis male plants are grown outdoors, flowering commences during mid July in plants acclimatized to cold climates and during mid September in warmer climates. Once the pollen has been released for pollination male plants are harvested and cut for use.

Flowering stage

Purple Kush - auto & fem

During the early flowering stage male cannabis shows a definite and different structure as compared to female plants. The main sex determination structure of the plant is called primordial. This will become visible on the sides of the internodes of the main stem. One should look out for primordial in the third or fourth internodes. In female cannabis, pistils having a definite “V” shape will become visible to observation.
Trying to differentiate between male and female plants may be tricky for some. However for the experienced grower, it is an essential task detrimental for growth of quality plants. Most growers prefer female plants where male plants are not exactly good for growth and production. Male plants pollinate female and fill the plants with seeds making them decrease in potency.

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