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B Plus Growkit - Xl

This XL magic mushroom growkit comes with substrate colonized with the unique B+ psilocybe cubensis strain, a ‘Super Shroom’ known for its versatility, size and strength! B+ is short for be positive, and you can be sure that these shrooms are very easy to grow and they grow big and fast!

Each all in one growkit contains everything you need to grow your own magic mushrooms without any special knowledge or extra equipment. Just follow a few easy steps and you’ll be harvesting your first flush within a few weeks!


Harvest on average 1000 grams (1 kilo) within 2-3 weeks.
Multiple flushes possible.
We don't ship this product to:
Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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I had epiphanies and great shower thoughts. This was and is a great investment in my tea cup and time. I wrote a great song, while having a blast. I can recommend to experiment responsibly, that is responding to your bodys' signals, with this kit, this strain of cubensis. First I ever tried. Love it.