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Mushroom Stopper

Bad Trip?
Relax and Recover.

Minimizes the bad trip effects.

When your (mushroom)trip is not going as planned, you can use the Mushroom stopper.
Follow the instructions and you will become calmer. It will not completely stop the effects, but it will help you find help.

We strongly recommend this product to all beginners and those who like some safety and security to ensure a great experience!
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Italy , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Very good quality

For beginners: try a 10% dosage

really really strong!

just reordering and making chocolate out of these crazy little guys!

love shayana, see you next time in amsterdam 8the fourth time!!!!)

yopo ono <3 <3 <3


I was suprised how many presents came with my order. Thank you so much for pack, the package came fine to Czech Republic :)

Thank you so much again,
king regards from Czech