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Equador Syringe

Equador Syringe
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Psilocybe cubensis "Equador" This is definitely one of the easiest strains to grow. Although it colonises substrates at an average speed, it forms very uniform and abundant flushes. This strain does not benefit from a coldshock. We like to grow this species on rye but it also performs very well on riceflour cakes. Mushrooms can become quite large in later flushes. The first flush consists of many medium sized mushrooms. Mushrooms are reported to contain more psilocybin/psilocin than the average cubensis. We recommend this strain if you are a beginning 'researcher' ;-)


We recommend beginner growers to buy a book about the use of spore prints or spore syringes. Several interesting works on the subject can be found in Shayana's book section.

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Thanks Shayana!
It's the first time I grow and reading some stuffs on internet I was afraid the first time would be a failure... it wasn't! The coloisation was quite fast (about 18 days), and it was the pinning which took more time than I thought. So the condition weren't optimal, but now I know why and how to correct, let's see how the tasmanian grow!