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Banisteriopsis Caapi

These giant lianas are the basis of an important hallucinogenic drink (Ayahuasca) ritually consumed in the western half of the Amazon Valley and by isolated tribes on Pacific slopes of the Colombian en Ecuadorian Andes. The bark of Banisteriopsis Caapi prepared in cold water or after long boiling, may be taken alone, but various plant additives – especially the leaves of diplopteris cabrerana and of psychotria viridis – are often used to alter the effects of the hallucinogenic drink.


The bark prepared in cold or boiling water, may be taken alone or with additives – especially the leaves of Diplopteris cabrerana and of Psychotria viridis – which alters the effects. This preparation is drunk as Ayahuasca.
The bark can also be chewed.


Banisteriopsis Caapi is an MAOI. Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis.

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