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Virola Bark

The bark of the Virola plant is used by tribal people in the Amazon basin as part of their religious and shamanistic rituals or for recreation. It is a powerful and instantaneous hallucinogen. The sap found in the bark of these trees is a kind of resin that is characteristic of the nutmeg family. It is this dark reddish resin that can be used to prepare hallucinogenic snuffs or syrup. The principal psychoactive ingredients are tryptamine alkaloids and beta-carbolines.


When sniffed, the experience of virola resembles that of Yopo. The snuff acts rapidly and violently. Its effects include excitement, numbness of the limbs, twitching of facial muscles, nausea, headache, hallucinations, a dreamlike state and finally a deep sleep. The peak effects last about thirty minutes, during which time the user experiences color and size changes and dizziness. The after-effects may last several hours and may include buoyant feelings and pleasant stimulation.


First of all the resin has to be removed from the bark. For a mild dose, soak 10 grams of virola bark in 0,2 liters of water. Boil it for half an hour to separate the resin from the bark. Then, take the bark out and let it simmer while the water slowly evaporates. When the water has evaporated, scrape the powder of the bottom and let it dry. Grind the residu into a powder and mix it with the mineral lime (calcium hydroxide) in a ratio of 4:1 of resin to lime.
In Peru, pellets are prepared from the resine. Thin slivers of bark are boiled for an hour or longer. Meanwhile, keep stirring until a thick paste is obtained. This paste is rolled into pellets and then coated in an alkaline ash (Calcium oxalate) before ingestion.


An excessive dose may cause headache and confusion during the first five minutes and may cause nausea on a full stomach. Physical pain or discomfort may be amplified during the first ten minutes. general
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Really good stuff. I recommend putting it into a joint with instead of ganja. I use tabacco + small cut pieces of virola. Really relaxing, really nice. It´s actually a weed substitute for me currently. Much cheaper, and similar effects. Also tastes nice!


Took the other commentor here's advice re smoking it. It came shredded so easy to pop into a joint. Burns a bit hot, gives a nice chill and is a good alternative to cannabis, not just because it has an effect/ a high, but it seems to remove any "goo" you have for other drugs like booze or grass.

Personally I'd prefer wild dagga flowers... might do an extract next time I get this.


IT was yummy try taking a poop afterwards



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