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BongBastic presents Acid, a new inspirational stamp cleaner that will clean your bong so well Hoffman himself would have been proud. Let your bong sing its true colours and you will realise that the reality you see reflected in your bong’s shiny polished surfaces presents only one reality in a sea of different perspectives and experience one of the most profound effects that bong cleaning can have on you. Let your laughter be the light that liberates your bong to surf on intergalactic waves of joy and happiness!


Fantastic, deeply intense cleanse filled with happiness and giggles.


Light: 0,5 - 0,75 stamp
Medium: 1 stamp
Strong: 1,5 stamp


7 - 8 hours


Best if used within 3 weeks. Potency may be reduced over time.


100µg 1P-LSD (per stamp)


Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Sweden , Switzerland

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The shipment was "too" fast that I could not believe.
A sealed package was received where two little pieces were obtained. Each 100.

At 16:47
SWIM took it under the tongue for 15 min and then swallowed it (only one piece)

It is 02:10 am
now SWIM describes.
After 15 minutes, there was something going on in the stomach. A little bit of pain. SWIM thought he would throw up but did not... after 30-40 minutes, the effects started kicking in.
The body temperature was hard to control. the first one hour was pretty cold, although the room was extremely hot. After around 1.5 hours, SWIM started tripping balls. For 4 hours straight. very pleasant experience.
around 23pm, the effects started wearing off.

It is 02:13
SWIM is listening to ovnimoon - galactic mantra

Thank you shayana shop,

This one was really good!


I took 2 stamps for the session, and I can confirm it invoked the state I knew from previous LSD experiences. 2 stamps invoke a very intensive experience. The effect lasted for 12 hours. It started with a very gentle, merely affective kick in (felt very peaceful and relaxed, so first I suspected I was experiencing effects of a mild tranquillizer, but this was just the result of the way I was set). It turned visual some time later and finally tuned me completely into that other reality. Being well prepared, it was a very nice experience, the love of the universe. Mathematical beauty. 3D fractals as seen in rendered 3D animations are nothing compared to this. A high level personal preparedness and a safe, controlled setting are required for work with 2 stamps.


Took me to the place I love so much :) Albert Hoffman would be proud! Thanks for the quick delivery Shayana!!


Great way to open doors to ones bong cleaning practices. Be careful and hold on tight because the ride gets bumpy for those who cannot control their thoughts about cleaning. Lava lamps and strobe lights highly recommended for the ultimate clean.


Oh My!!! 2 little wipes, WeLL Its been 40 years of waiting!!!! Its about time!

Everybody says "hello we love you".. :)

My oh my! my bong is SO CLEAN! I think this cleaner came in the nick of time to save us all..

Mercy me! :)


Amazing experience! My bong felt wonderful for hours afterwards! Visually stunning. Took about 40 minutes for the "cleaning" to start. If you're a beginner maybe use half a stamp and be patient. :)


Amazing experience. Best night of my life. Took a while to kick in but when it did, wow. Lovely visuals and wonderful feeling of being connected to the universe. Ordered some more today :). Only downside is the price, if I had the connections I would be buying elsewhere.


Legit. Tag me, you are it. Great product, did let me explore and experience everything. Definitely worth it.


This is some amazing product...I was flying with a blanket full of changing colors. .Shayana you have a new fan and customer. Highly recommended!


Yes, that was definitely an amazing experience. Used both. Sacred geometric symbols could be seen with open eyes when concentration is deep. Awesome quality.


This is absolutely amazing! Great experience! I have tried it with a friend who tried real lsd several times before that and he could not tell the difference! For me, it was my first time and I really enjoyed it!


Quick delivery ordered monday and arrived friday , excellent product hiiiiiighly recommend, will be ordering again


It took 7 work days for delivery. The packaging was very discreet. The product works as advertised. No ill side effects. 100ug was enough for all sorts of visuals. Distortions, ripples, fractals, vivid colors, Van Gogh vision, facial shapeshifting. Strong time dilation.
Mentally it was difficult to form coherent thoughts, SWIM was easily distracted. No life epiphanies, must experiment with higher doses.

The price could be more competitive.





Amazing! Cogi un carton y medio, me puse a leer el tarot y fue como mantener una conversación con alguien vivo. Mucha claridad, no fue muy visual pero la profundidad de los pensamientos y la claridad de estos es increible.


Three day delivery was so much faster than Amazon's. One stamp, very pretty visuals, extremely enjoyable.


Bottom line: This is it.
Dropped 2 stamps yesterday afternoon at the beach. Very clean product, i was tripping for 7 hours. Highly recomended


I had an amazing trip with one tab.
The experience lasted for 5-6 hours. The perception if reality changed utterly.
Colurs, shapes, sounds, and even concentration... all got enchanced. It was delightful.


Cant go wrong with it. Bet way to clean your bong since Albert Hoffmans contributions to society. Wouldn't recommend cleaning alone because it is so much better when you have assistance to enhance the results.


OMG!!!! Shayana, you've done it again!! Amazing product which reveals why it's predecessor earned so much fame. This one generates a glowing experience that mere words can't do justice!!


Un blotter a suffit à me faire passer 8 heures mémorables. J'avais l'habitude de nettoyer mon Bong a l'aide de fungi mais l'expérience avec ce produit est différente et fut très positive pour moi. Pas d'anxiété, mes pensées sont restées calmes, des visions et formes géométriques colorées et en 3 dimensions magnifiques. La musique des Doors m'a transporte dans un autre monde je dois dire. J'ai ete bluffe par l'expérience. Le lendemain, pas de fatigue mais un effet de relaxation et de liberté retrouvée! Je recommande vivement! Life changing.


Hi, guys.
The product was delivered for 5 days, which I find to be a fast service. The two hits were taken by two people with three days time difference.The first had a medium to strong experience, the second had a light trip.
I would recommend the product.


These blotters are very good fun.

And they are also incredibly strong.

One quarter is a good idea to start with. Give it 60 mins and then decide if you want more.

And then wait a bit longer.

Don't be tempted to take more.

Just wait.

And then the lovely effects kick in.

Psychedelic niceness combined with a superb body rush.

That lasts for a very long time. A very long time indeed!

Great value for an amateur 'psychonaut'!



ooooooohhhh jaaaa! absolut top! ich empfand keinen Unterschied zum Original und auch mein Partner war sehr überzeugt von der Qualität. Würde ich immer wieder bestellen, nehmt euch nur für den nächsten Tag nichts vor. Ich habe den ganzen Sonntag verpennt. Absolut keine Nebenwirkungen vom Produkt selbst, nur die Flasche Wein die ich dazu konsumierte, bereitete mir ärgere Kopfschmerzen. Fazit: böser Alkohol, lasst es lieber bleiben :) Aber die Bong wird grandios, wie neu :)


okay so the first time i cleaned my bong it was a very weird experience and i cant say it felt alot like being stoned or on shrooms i took it at about 12 and i was tripping balls around 1 hour in,i was seeing very nice visuals behind cloud and some clouds even started changing shapes and sizes, if its your first time taking bong cleaners like this i would recomend u ask a friend to stay with u just to make sure your okay and i would also very highly recomend to take it on a sunny day and just lie down and look at the clouds, dont focus to much,just let it happen dont focus on specific clouds and you will surely have a great experience if i had to rate my trip i would give it 7/10


Not what I was expecting but I got to say it's the best psychedelic I have taken thus far. Talk about a mind job. I wanted to experience ego death but that didn't happen at all. No visuals nor anything spiritual but an incredible euphoric buzz that lasted for days. I bought 2 tabs but I took 1 at a time since it was my first try. Got to say I enjoyed it and looking fwd to buy again next week. This time I am going to take 200ug to see if I would experience ego death and the divine within me! Thank you Shayanashop......bless up yo self...


I used one and within about 45mins my bong was sparkling it was so happy and the cleaning lasted hours 👍😆


oh yes, it's exactly what you wanna buy if you're looking for that life changing 1st acid trip. I love this product because the quality is alway skyrocketing me to the place I love so much


GREAT PRODUCT! Such a brilliant experience will definitely order again shipping was quick and easy no dramas at all 10/10


great experience with h 50 µg. I advise to "take it in nature" like Hoffman would say; Try a forest for example. Powerfull, lot of love and insights. Mostly internal experience with your inner content. Be ready cause that's really shaky and you can learn a lot. Very long trip, don't eat before and try low dosage first as usual to get to know the product. Very interesting after effect (t+7h).