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Wonderland – Trippy Stamp Pack

Wonderland – Trippy Stamp Pack
Trippy - Psychedelic, Trip, Mind Altering, Visual
1 Pack - Acid + Tripium + Lasidium
Usual: € 84,95
Price € 74,90
BongBastic_Wonderland_01.jpg WONDERLAND – Trippy Stamp Pack
Explore the mind-blowing experience of Psychedelic Bliss!

This awesome BongBastic collection includes:
• 2 x ACID: intergalactic happiness
• 2 x Tripium: magical stimulation
• 2 x LaSiDium: universal love


Amazing colors and visuals, mind expansion and sensory stimulation.


Light: ½ stamp
Normal: 1 stamp
Intense: 1½ stamps


Best if used within 3 weeks. Potency may be reduced over time.


Not intended for human consumption.

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