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BongBastic is proud to present N3xus, an amazing new cleaner which combines the euphoric sensation of popular products like Mollium and Iridium to produce a mindblowing sensual experience.


aphrodisia, enhancement of the senses, waves of ecstacy and euphoria, colorful visuals (intensity depends on dosage)


Light: 0,5 pill
Medium: 1 pill
Strong: 1,5 pill


For the best experience, choose good company and a comfortable environment.


4-8 hours


2C-B-FLY (12mg)


Not intended for human consumption.

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I was taken by surprise... I had something resembling an acid trip, which I wasn't expecting at all. But then I started seeing scars all over my body, I was floating between night and day. Anyway, everybody is bound to have their own reaction, mine was certainly not well-being and euphoria, but it was definitely interesting and powerful, not at all a bad trip. My buddy hardly had a reaction at all, no visions or anything. Definitely try it out!


This thing is a nuclear bomb in pill form! Kind of like a cross between the loftiness of MDMA and LSD/shroom visuals ... You just have to let yourself slide into it gently: the peak happens around the first 90-minute mark, give or take (so wait before you double down!) So a warning for the novices: this is not to be taken lightly! For a good trip = one 12 mg pill. Go further with 1.5 pills, e.g. 18 mg.
It's already pretty strong and you're off for a solid 8 hours...
So there you go, have a good trip! And thanks to Shayana!


Took 1 tab of shayana bombastic acid, and one pill of nexus, and had great visuals for 6 hours before i decided to go to sleep. Fast shippment :)