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Wild Dagga Flowers

Wild Dagga, also known as Marihuanilla is a general designation used to refer to several species of flowers belonging to the leonorus strain. Wild dagga is the named used in South-Africa whereas Marihuanilla is the term commonly used in Mexico.


. Wild Dagga flowers have a calming and sedating effect. Some users also report it to induce euphoria.


Wild dagga can be smoked in a joint or pipe



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I didnt find what i was lookng for in this product. A bit tame for me. maybe if you are looking for a mild buzz, perhaps you might find this ok. Its the kind of thing you would smoke in college (uk) in a free period with friends.

If you are sensitive to intoxicants then this should be good for you.

Not really for me though :(

try the solid smokes like Ice-o-lator if you want to get pretty stoned fast and for a short period of time (like an hour)


Very nice. This is a nice relaxing herb. Gets you there in a natural mild way and not harsh on the throat. I recommend it for anything from listening to music, especially jazz or classical or even just relaxing in your bed reading a book. Thank you mother earth & Shayana.


Okay suff to mix with weed!!Also nice smoked pure..


its beatiful seed...well dan


Have to say, very impressed with this. Nice stone from it. As others have said, it is relaxing... gives a body stone and a dreamy head feeling.

I'd say using this as a base for synthetic cannabinoids would give them a great lift.

Mixed it with viorola bark, think the dagga is stronger and it's more pleasant to smoke. I used joints rather than pipe.


its some nice stuff i have to say