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Galangal Herb

Galangal grows in New Guinea, India, Malaya, and the Moluccas. It was introduced into Europe by Arabian physicians well over a thousand years ago. Generally, it is used as a spice often related to ginger. But it is also used as a sexual stimulant. In Thailand, it is still used as a remedy for stomach problems, as well as a flavoring. Galanga is also known as Chewing John, Little John Chew and Galanga Root. Under these names, it is used in folk medicine and in voodoo charms.


Strong peak and slow build, mind expanding (psychedelic), mescaline-like visuals, movement feels good, improved appetite. After taking Galangal, you'll soon become aware of a mild psychoactive effect. You can experience a warm feeling, clear thinking and altered perception, especially visual. When taken on a daily basis, it stimulates the blood circulation and the central nervous system.


Dosage: 1-10 grams - You can make tea of it, or just dissolve it in any other liquid warm or cold. Add sugar or honey if you want. - You can also just chew and swallow it.


until today, no side-effects have been reported.
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Bought it cos of price. Found it impossible to eat (bits of wood). So I decided to make a tea of it. Boiled 10g in a saucepan for a few minutes, strained and drank. Spicy.. An hour later and no effect. Got the rest (90g), boiled it in a larger saucepan for 40 mins until liquid was very-very dark. Man this was like drinking pepper-sauce. Burned on its way down, had to chase it with milk on each gulp. Drank it all and nada.. It's four hours later and other than feeling a bit bloated I can honestly say i've never felt more normal..
Unless you chemically extract it (like ur man did on erowid), or somehow manage to ingest it I don't think it'll work for ya. Worth a try tho, now back to the best of the bunch oh yes, the mushies, they're quality!


I love this root for many reasons! None of them have to do with getting high.. Can't see why they sell it here. But Buy it and put it in food, spice you liqour, or just chew it and you will have a better life.


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