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Amazonia - Magic Mushroom Growkit

This Amazonia growkit contains everything you need to cultivate large, super shrooms! Named after the Amazon rainforest in South America where the psilocybin spores were first discovered, the exotic Amazonia strain is a favourite of both novice and expert growers. Amazonia magic mushrooms are world famous for growing fast and easy with little effort required while producing amazing visuals and potent effects. The only thing better than watching these beauties grow, is experiencing them with your friends!


The trip can be spiritual, and for some, profound and emotional. Magic mushrooms produce effects which may include a deep connection with nature, sudden appreciation or joy for life, open and closed-eye visuals, colour enhancement, sensory stimulation, increased sense of humour with fits of laughter, creative and cognitive enhancement, music appreciation, thought acceleration.

Reminder: effects are usually enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


The overall trip can last from 5 to 8 hours, and inexperienced users should start small and up their dosage only after waiting an hour to assess their condition.

Harvest average
Standard (1200cc): 400 - 500 grams
XL (2100cc): 900 - 1000 grams
*Growkits can produce multiple flushes of mushrooms with proper care!


Heating devices: for the best results, please avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the growkit. If you cannot create space, use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel.

Storage: the growkit is ready to grow as soon as you receive it. If you need to wait, the growkit can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Any longer may compromise the grow results.

Product information
Psilocybin strain: Amazonian PES (Pacific Exotica Spora)
Cultivation difficulty: Easy
Strength: High Potency
Colonization time: 10 - 12 days
Colonization temperature: 28º - 30º Celsius
Fruiting temperature: 23º - 27º Celsius


Magic Mushroom Growkit contents:
- Substrate growbox with 100% active Mycelium
- Mushroom grow bag with filter, to create a microclimate
- Paperclip(s) to close the grow bag
We don't ship this product to:
Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews AMAZONIA - Magic Mushroom Growkit Share your experience


First harvest I got 42 gramm dry mushroom which is more than enough for me.One of the best kit what I had ever! So far Amazonia has definitely been the best mushroom variety that I have explored!


make a big mistake same like a rookie and trust im not.... i use to put water in the bag once a day son the shrooms got extra moisture.... i thought it was contaminated so i collect them all.... the thing is i only got 60gr fresh.... put again for another flush hope i get a good yield cause is the big grow kit
never the less the bullshit was mine
question to the public cause its my first time putting amazonian.... the shrooms are not so big right?

My first grow kit... 1st flush , 1.5g was more then enough to have a wonderfull trip.
2nd flush, i get the biggest shroom ive ever seen 45g...
The 3rd and 4th Im doing blue honey
Best trip... Colours, alucination...

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