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Increased memory capacity
Increased cognitive function
Increased energy
Increased attention span

Presenting a new wave in smartdrug pharmacology, NootroSmart is the latest combination of Piracetam and Choline forming a powerful cognitive enhancer. NootroSmart gives you an increased focus and clarity to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously. You will experience a visual clarity, enhanced verbal memory, higher creativity and more energy. Through an increase of blood flow between your brain’s two hemispheres, you will have a notable increase in memory, attention and intelligence.

The benefits of Piracetam do not stop here. It has also been shown that it may protect your brain from several physical and chemical insults and can assist in the ability to retain memory and increased learning in brain’s whose function has been compromised.

A fantastic Nootropic and a true Smart Drug.


500mg mix - 333 mg Piracetam 166 mg Choline


Each pack contains 60 pills. Take between 2 to 6 pills per day.

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This product is great for improving concentration and rapid learning. Performing activities such as solving mathematical equations and multi tasking seem much easier after a few days of supplementation.


Shayana, Da Best Ever! <3 Shipping Fast, Good Products, What Can I Say? The Best Ever! Highly Recommended!


Not impressed at all. Very very subtle, almost like a placebo effect. Save your money guys and skip this.