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Hafnium Solid

Hafnium Solid
2 grams
Price € 21,95
3 x 2 grams
Usual: € 65,85
Price € 59,00
5 x 2 grams
Usual: € 109,75
Price € 95,00
2 x 10 grams
Usual: € 219,50
Price € 182,00
Looking for a great alternative to Hafnium? Look no further! This solid version is just as effective as the regular Hafnium. You will get the same fast uplifting result that has a fairly short duration. Ideal for the first time bong cleaning experience. Giggle and laugh your way through the work and enjoy this unique great experience. You can always follow us on twitter by just adding the hash tag before our name.


Not intended for human consumption.

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I found hafnium solid very smooth and light,probably my favourite so far,barium on the other hand is really,really strong