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Dutch Orange Extreme – Premium Vaping Blend

Take your vape experience to the extreme! The active ingredient in Dutch Orange Extreme is 3x as high as the original Dutch Orange vaping blend. Now you can enjoy the strong psychoactive effects of this best selling herbal blend in e-liquid form.

• Premium vaping blend
• 3x stronger than original blend
• Active ingredient vapable above 194°C
• 4ml Canna Flavor / 30% PG / 70% VG


Stimulation / Relaxation. Vaping has an early onset compared to the herbal blend, allowing for more control of the effects.


Start with lower doses until you find your comfort zone.

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niente di che , ti fa diventare un po stanco, lontano anni luce da un joint, ottimo per rilassarsi quei 15 minuti, dopo ti lascia solo stanchezza muscolare come quando hai l'influenza