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Feliz E

Be prepared for an overwhelming sense of well-being and empathy. Feliz E will bring you carefree hours filled with emotional closeness and increased music appreciation, making it ideal for parties. Let yourself be guided by the waves of love and energy of Feliz E.


Elevated mood and empathy, stimulation, increased extroversion and energy.


Each package contains enough active ingredient for 2 light doses or 1 very strong dose. If experiencing Feliz for the first time, a light dose between 3ml and 5ml is highly recommended.


4-8 hours


5-MAPB and water


Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Belgium , Canada , United Kingdom

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That warm fuzzy feeling I had been missing since the bombastic days of Bliss :) SO HAPPY for this, bless you Shayana!!!