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Tritium - Energetic - Bongbastic

Tritium - These pills are formulated to clean with Energy and power, swiftly removing all THC and cannabinoides.
It hits in fast and wears off quickly, leaving a new looking bong. It is a very intense cleaner, but made for those who don´t like too long cleansing processes.


Bong has to empty a least for 4 hours

1 pill - For bongs of people that hardly smoke, so not dirty at all
2 pills - For bongs of people that smoke regularly, or medium Dirty bongs
3 pills - For bongs of people that smoke all the time, or very dirty bongs
4 pills - Not advisible, this is not good for your bong, buy a new bong

When in doubt, we do suggest to use 1 pill to see the effect.
If it is not clean enough, then you know the next time you can clean with 2 pills.
Or, if after one hour your bong is still not clean, you can add one pill.


Not intended for human consumption.

Customers Reviews Tritium - Energetic - BongBastic Tell us your experience



Wow, Great stuff! like a mini Space cake!
But perfect to get the right Dosage, which is impossible with a space cake!
I can take the stuff and go to work, no smell, no red eyes!

I loved the feeling, and my bong looks like new now :-)



Man, i took this and went to meet some friends....i was flying! Great night with my mates.....they all thought i was on something.....and i was....but it wasnt what they where thing i was on.....i decided to share with them and they all liked it too

I will be ordering again


Drop 2 in my bong and reach the peak around 2 hrs later, it is euphoric, more like an energy pill, my bong is happy overall, peace .