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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Argyrea Nervosa - The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds belong to the family of the convolvulaceae, the same family as Morning glory seeds. They contain a naturally occurring tryptamine called LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide), which is closely related to LSD. These seeds are traditionally used as a divination sacrament by the Kahunas of Hawaii and Polynesia. As the seeds contain LSD-like compounds it produces a euphoric and hallucinogenic trip, not so visual as LSD itself (but, that also vary from person to person!). The trip last 6 to 8 hours and the sleep will be deep and refreshing after the trip. There are some reports of hangover effects usually characterized by physical intertia.


You should chew well 3 to 7 seeds maximum (some users advise not to take more than 3 seeds the first time). As the active substances are absorbed by the body’s saliva you should chew the seeds for as long as possible. The effect will be according to last food that you ingested so, try not to eat 4 to 6 hours before you take the seeds. There isa layer of nausea-producing fuzz around the seeds which must be scraped off. Still may cause some stomach discomfort. Nausea can be lessened by ingesting one or two dramamine* 30 minutes to one hour before the seeds



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this is powerfull!! dont take too many :-) seriousss


First I chewed three, then five at home alone, with practically no effects on either occasions. (not even nausea)Later, I spent some time at a forest house and there chewed seven, and after 30 mins smoked some ganja. The effect was undeniable.I went (together with a friend) to a state of total clarity. There was nothing outside that moment. We were able to read each others thoughts, and the waves of higher understanding were - every time - felt by both of us. The intensity of higher dimensional visions was almost too much to cope with. Never get stuck on a single thought, emotion, mental vision, visual image - always just let the universe flow through your spine. Remember to breathe deep.Our house felt like a spaceship that had just landed to a new, fresh and alive setting. The atmosphere was full of beautiful ambient music (birds, trees, water etc). Returning to a 3-dimensional reality was a challenge, but afterwards the experience helped both of us to fully recognise natures infinite creativity and the multidimensional potentials within human consciousness.Recommended.Stay present.Don't resist.Just witness.


i have done LSA(another name for baby woodrose) 6 times now, and i hate the taste of the seeds so much now it makes me almost vomit when thinking about it. the nausea is bad if u have a weak stomach but i took five at reading festival with some shrooms and i had a wicked trip and the first time i ever did LSA i thought i was jesus, deffinetly take these, allthough more than 5 is recomended if you are over "5.6" and 70kg


Brill.. worked for me :) took 8, scrape seeds carefully
good support from site
order got here within 2 days :) UK


This seeds are powerful! I took six the first time and I lost completely the sense of reality, what was funny at the begin, but then it began to be not so happy as I thought. Then again fine at the end, but what for terrible 10 minutes I had :/ Woodrose seeds are no joke! Enjoy, but in a reasonable quantity, specially when it is the first time for you.


recently i acquired 96 of these seeds and the first time i consumed 3 and then throught the night i had eaten 11 more... the euphoric feeling is great and i was very active.. last night i ate 32 of these and i was trippin nuts from 5pm - 12 am and I havent felt that great in a long time.. but i shared with friends and out of 5 ppl 1 my ex gf ate 12 and felt nothing so i like this :)


Be extremely careful with these. Many reviews that have been put here say that it didn't do anything. If i were you i'd eat a few at first and wait at least 2 hours. For me these were extremely intense! BE CAREFUL!


I chewed 10 of them but it gave no effect


Awesome!!! I just had the trip of my life!!! I ate 15 seeds and went to the chill out (I was on a trance festival), and stay there for 12hs I think... Unforgetable!


Very strong product. i had extreme nausea but enjoyed the first two hours after that complete panic for 3 hours. Be careful try only a few at first.


I tried them with a friend. Each of us ate 7 at first. 1.5 hours later, we had another 3. But there was no effect at all, neither on me nor on my friend.

ps. I was very happy with the delivery service. The neutral packet arrived quite fast.


the worst 'drug' i have ever done these should not be sold to anyone with any more than half a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


i soaked five hammer grounded seeds in water for 1 hour, strained and drank only the water. some stomache discomfort, very mild-almost non-existant trip...trying 10 tonight;)