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Mr. Nice Seeds - Early Skunk (Early Pearl X Skunk)

Mr. Nice Seeds - Early Skunk (Early Pearl X Skunk)
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Special Request


Early skunk is noted for its fast flowering and quickness to be completed in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor grows. It has a certain appeal to those growers in colder climates with short seasons.

The combination of Early Pearl with Skunk 1 means it will be completed in a 7 week flowering cycle, so quick economic returns are within your grasp. The density of the flower depends on the darkness hours.

This strain is adapted to both inexperienced and advanced growers.

Genetic makeup: Early Pearl x Skunk
Medium: bio and hydro, indoors outdoors/greenhouse
Yield: indoor between 450-550 g/m2 and as an outdoor plant between 400/500 g/plant

Flowering: Indoor it should be completed in 50 days of flowering. In the northern hemisphere it should be finished by mid September.

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