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Royal Critical Automatic - Royal Queen

Royal Critical Automatic - Royal Queen
3 seeds (autofem)
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royal_critical_automatic.jpg Royal Critical Automatic - Royal Queen
One of Royal Queen’s most recent autoflowering strains, Royal Critical Auto is a sativa indica hybrid obtained by crossing Critical Mass with other autoflowering strains. Royal Critical automatic also contains genes from all three cannabis varieties (ruderalis, indica and sativa).

Royal Critical Auto shares many of the fine qualities her non-automatic sister is famous for. These are, among others: a very stable growth pattern with a canopy structure that allows for optimal light usage, providing sunshine and energy to every part of the plant and improving yield.

Royal Critical auto produces big fat buds that give off a delicious fruity scent. This strain is a perfect weed to chill.

Plant Height: 60-80 cm
Effect: Relaxing and rich scent and taste
T.H.C. level: Medium
Genetics: Critical mass x autoflowering strains
Expected yield: 50-60 grams plant
Harvest: 9 weeks after germination
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