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Nitrous Oxide Crackers

This high quality aluminium N2O dispenser includes a high quality cut thread design to prevent cross threading to allow you to use the product over and over again. This is the perfect solution to the controlled release of compressed gas and to discharge any unwanted cream chargers.

The complete Nitrous Oxide Crackers Pack includes:
1 Nitrous Cracker
8 whipped cream cartridges
8 Balloons


Open the cracker and place the whipped cream cartridges in the cracker.
Close the cracker almost until you feel resistance.
Place the balloon over the top of the cracker (where the holes are).
Close the cracker completely and then turn a quarter the other way, to let the gas in the balloon.


general Please note that the gas from the balloon is very cold.

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good product but be carful, they said the pack inclued 8 bootles and ballons but no.
i take it and only the cracker are in the box (the 11 euro pack) with my other accesories
execpt that, really good product, do the job and do it well
have fun


The cracker is good quality, looks durable.
And the effects of nitrous are cool too.
Note for harm reduction purposes : the effects of nitrous are very short lived, which gives it a high potential for addiction. Be safe, kids ;)