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The Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Experience

For those of you have had the Psychedelic experience will know that it is truly a unique and special experience. Here at ShayanaShop we have a great range of Psychedelic substances which are guaranteed to send you on a powerful trip!

The Trip


Taking Psychedelics has often been compared to being in a dream like state-an almost parallel universe. The emotions and perceptions experienced by the user are so profound and powerful that they claim to be in a total state of unconsciousness while under the influence. So if you enjoy a serious trip and also wish to experience this dream like experience with Psychedelics have a look through our different products and chose the right one for you!

What are Psychedelics?


Psychedelics refer to those substances which act by altering one’s perception and cognitive function. They are often referred to as psychoactive drugs and belong to the psychoactive drug class known as hallucinogens. Common forms of Psychedelics include the following:
• Cannabis Sativa
• Magic Mushrooms
• Opium Poppy Plants
• Psilocybium
• Kratom
Psychedelics are renowned for their altogether entirely different effects which they illicit upon the user. Users have often claimed the experience to be “otherworldly” and their mind to be in a complete trance like state.



The effects of Psychedelics will vary from user to user and also the type of Psychedelic taken. However the general effects remain the same and include the following:
• Senses become much more intense
• The user becomes much more aware of the environmental objects around them
• Everything seems to be clearer more intense and vibrant-particularly colours
• More meaning and significance is attached to objects and the arrangement of things.
• The slowing down of time
• Profound emotional effects such as increased sensitivity and attention
• Feeling of love and joy
• Uncontrollable euphoria
• Losing touch with reality
Such are the experience of Psychedelics that a whole generation (hippies) found themselves basing their ideals and motives on feelings and emotions evoked by these drugs.

Our Range


At ShayanaShop we have a brilliant range of Psychedelics ranging from the traditional and commonly used magic mushrooms to opium poppy plants etc. So whatever your preference we will have something for you.