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Milky Way Growkit - Medium

There is no witchcraft involved with this awesome strain of Albino Magic Mushrooms. Unlike other albino strains on the market these are a true genetic design, selected and bred to give you a unique experience.

This All In One Grow kit allows gives you the opportunity to grow your own magic mushrooms without any need for prior experience or specialized equipment. They come complete with substrate which has already been colonized with this delicate Albino mushroom.

The shrooms grow in flushes and can yield a harvest around 400 – 600 grams given the correct conditions. To make sure your magic mushrooms are completely white make sure they grow in a very dark environment.


Harvest on average 400 grams within 2-3 weeks
Multiple flushes possible
We don't ship this product to:
Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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