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Catmint - Nepeta Cataria

Catmint is a mild relaxing herb. Very suitable when you feel like staying home to relax. Put on some music and let all your stress float away. It has a nice flavor. Cats seem to like it too, when they eat it they apparently become very excited.


It produces a comfortable, relaxed high-feeling and stimulates the imagination.


For tea, take 25 grams and boil it together shortly with 1 liter of water. Let it steep for 15 minutes and then add honey or whatever you like to improve the taste. Smoking Catmint is not recommended.
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no effect at all. neither as tea nor as smoking.


Application: Leaves smoke separately or in a mix with equal quantity(amount) of tobacco. Also moisten with an extract tobacco or other tobacco.
Effects: Soft cannabis euphoria, with tobacco more expressed and long.

This herb makes a really good-tasting tea and gives the effects as described.


Positive! Smoking is not recommended becouse catmint is know also as emetic. I'm smoking it from one month and I didn't have problems with this. Tee is stronger than smoking, but you can mix it with tobbaco for better effect.
Thanks Shayanashop ! :)

Nepata Cataria taste like melting plastic, but it gives you a nice relaxed feeling.
I would recommend mixing with another herb to dull the taste.
But all in all, it's a very good herb!


this is verry strong :))))

the tea is good, but smoking it with good bud works just as good


POSITIVE ! Especially smoked with tobacco + beer :)
Tea is also good (when your throat is lil ill after smoking). Thanks Shayanashop !

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