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Seed Germination Kit, Lophophora Williamsii

Seed Germination Kit, Lophophora Williamsii
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This kit contains all you need to start growing Peyote cacti: :
- 20 x Lophophora wiliamsii (Peyote) seeds
- 1 x seed germination container
- 2 x cacti germination soil mixture
- 1 x top layer grit
- 1 x zip lock bag

Carefully follow the instructions during germination and seed handling:
1) Fill germination container with the soil mixture and flatten the soil.
2) Spread the seeds equally on the soil.
3) Cover the soil with a thin top layer grit.
4) Place container in water. Let it soak up the water. DON’T water from above. Take cactus out after 5 min. and let excess water drip off.
5) Place the container into the zip lock bag and close the bag.
6) Place the bag with the container in a spot where it gets light, but not into direct sunlight. Ideal temperature: 23 °C. Lower temperatures slow down germination and growth.
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