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Golden Teacher - Magic Mushroom Growkit

Experience the magic and mystery of mycology in the comfort of your own home with our Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kits! Specially curated for both beginners and experienced cultivators alike, this grow kit offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the fascinating world of psilocybin mushrooms.

Growing your own magic mushrooms has never been this easy or this rewarding. Not only will you learn about the incredible lifecycle of these fungi, but you'll also get to reap the fruits of your labour – an array of spectacular, potent mushrooms that have been cultivated by your own hands.


Our grow kits are pre-inoculated with Golden Teacher spores – a favorite among enthusiasts for their vivid, golden caps, and noted for their ability to provide enlightening, spiritual experiences. These distinctive mushrooms offer a moderate-to-high potency, ideal for those seeking a more profound journey of personal growth and introspection.


With our comprehensive, user-friendly instructions, you'll be able to nurture your own crop of Golden Teachers, from pinning to harvest, in just a few weeks. Plus, our eco-friendly, all-in-one kits come equipped with everything you need to provide optimal conditions for your mushrooms to flourish. Expect multiple flushes of sizable, robust, and enchanting Golden Teachers, each with their unique character and beauty.

Get your Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kit today and embark on an unforgettable journey of growth, discovery, and enlightenment. Enjoy the process, admire the results, and respect the power of these remarkable organisms.

Harvest average: 400 - 500 grams*

*Shayana’s growkits will normally produce multiple flushes of magic mushrooms when given proper care.

Storage: the growkit is ready to grow as soon as you receive it. If you need to wait, the growkit can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Any longer may compromise the grow results.

Shipping Info: Growkits will be shipped every Monday to ensure maximum freshness and less time in transit.

Product information
Psilocybin strain: Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
Cultivation difficulty: Easy
Strength: Potent
Colonization time: 12 - 14 days
Colonization temperature: 28º - 30º Celsius
Fruiting time: 14 - 21 days
Fruiting temperature: 23º - 26º Celsius


Magic Mushroom Growkit contents:
- Substrate growbox with 100% active Mycelium
- Mushroom grow bag with filter, to create a micro climate
- Paperclip(s) to close the grow bag


Please remember that the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is subject to legal regulations in many areas. Always check and adhere to local laws and regulations before purchasing or using our products.
We don't ship this product to:
Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews GOLDEN TEACHER - Magic Mushroom Growkit Share your experience


unbelievable ordered 4/20 4/29. i thought i was out of my money but took a chance way to go shayana.soon as i finish this im going to order a couple of hundred dollars more. worth of great stuff..hadden done shrooms since in detroit usa. can wait..get it will the gettens good...after 25 years of shitty mexican pot, now medicinal strains r the bomb..never thought id see this in my life time im 50. free the weed legailize. peace to the world..people..!!!!


eate a full flush to myself, got greedy didn't i, i thought i was the last person to ever live on earth and was layed out astro traveling round the universe, when i came back i thought i was a warrior and id won a famous war, i was dancing to trance music thinking i was some kind of dancer, the colours were reflecting allover the place from the xbox screen with music on was like a sea of colours everywhere, then i went outside on my neighbours path layer there masterbating cos i thought i was invisible, when the police came i thought there were aliens there and that there put me in a body bag and thought me out into space, turns out there came and put a quilt cover over me and put me in ambulance, i was lucky not to get arrested, i thought id had a heart attack when i came round in hospital. moral of the story be careful with these.

these are beasts and teach you a lesson for taking them specialy if you eat half a flush to yourself lol i thought i was a ghost and no 1 could see me and could do anything i wanted in the world lol


Everything you need as a beginner or simply just to make your life easy, I'm a clusterhead so shrooms are my meds (yes they work better than anything else out there) when I need them quick or not, shayana shop is the only way to go, they may not know it but the guys here and have changed my life, shrooms changed my life, as in I have one now(clusterheads will understand that one) thanks guys.....peace:)

these are grate, only really good for one gd harvest, it will grow more just not as many, I did`t no how much to take so i took the lot, frish, it looked like a huge amount till i chopped then up, i think i had an outer body experance, our elce i went to a diffrent dimension, grate


thanks shayana!!shipment was arrived 8's too easy grow and i'm telling you guys we ate with my friends and we laughed all 6 hours long and we had fun all was best trip ever.thanks again shayana

I have to say that Shayana never-ever disappoints. They always take your concerns seriously and at the end always you are the happy one. Because I am ordering very frequently, problems occur but Shayana gives %100 support for its customers. I have ordered golden teacher for the first time but I do not have any hesitations that it will be the best, as always.


Abbobra Cada Ya Shah Bra...
Worth every shiney cent of my money.
just make shure you have ample sun (not direct)
proper good temp, a little bit of patience (helps alot) and you will be satisfied.
Thank you kindly Shayanna!

I just received the package. It took about 10-12 days to arive to Greece.I Already begun the procedure to grow them :D
I didn't use the bag and paperclips included in the package, for growing. I have my own growkit with temperature and humidity control so I will now wait for 2 weeks and hope for the best :D
I'll keep you posted on the details :)


I'll be honest that 15g of dried Golden Teacher as first trip was just a freaking awesome trip. My pupil got bigger and it explains why I saw 'white grass'. Colourful. Sharpness fisheye.

The fun was when I push myself on a wall and it fell like I lay on the wall, just like the gravity pulls me into the wall and look up into the other wall. As soon I push myself out the wall - it fell like I just fly into a gravity free room.

When I drop a pen and it fell like it fly away into a orthogonal direction forward me and hit the 'wall' but not illogical at all if we flip the view matrix and now we see the pen falls down.


You as a lawyer or a useless politicians with overflowing cash in your bank account where your country keeps the magic mushrooms illegal just for keep the boss-slave society, take a +10g of the mushroom and go to a quantum physics course in your nearest university, ask all possible question, may worth and useful, if your teacher is a good teacher, legalize it.

This product is awesome,that's why I buy this again !!!


Ordered Golden Teacher grow kit, I recieved it in time and now after about 10 days i can see first shroomies :) So happy that there was no problems with anything. When my babies will be ready ill leave some trip report. Thanks Shayana !

Great for overcoming social anxiety and clear your traumas and give your new sights of how you can opperate best within your atmospheres school jobs family etc/ after taking it/ the trip is a whole notherstory.though. very happy tripps from these :) with very clear lessons i must say, happy summe!


I got this growbox on sale and it took about a month for pins to develop. In another 6 weeks, I got 4 flushes. The last one was one single humongus fungus, the first three were 150g-200g each, all in all 50g+ dried.
Only problem was the bag which was leaking somewhere, so I had to duct-tape it.
The trip is as trip needs to be. I eat 1.5g in the evening of the day I am fastening and I get changing colours, wavy textures and also much euphoria.
Shayana is amazing to enable such experiences. The packet is discreet and arrives in about 10 working days.

Needed 10 days for first pins to pop up, misted and fanned the bag once a day. The mushrooms grew up to be extremely big and juicy on the first flush, and I eyeball about 150 grams of sweet, juicy, fluffy teachers with lots of psilocybin. Now I reflushed it and are just waiting for the next flush, gonna trip this weekend and I am sure that I won't be disappointed!


Amazing guys!!! 1st flush -110 GR fresh, 2nd flush-165 gr!!!!! This sis the 3rd ;-)
Greetest from ITALY

I ate 2grs of dry staf and enjoyed a lot, it was unbelieavably awesome,it feels soo enerjetic I couldn't sit down for 3 hrs ,the biggest difference of this with the others is that you're both soo high at the same time aware of everything around, we had wonderful house music, danced a lot, along with nice visuals , I stayed outside at the balcony for a long time watching the street and people , I learned alot by watchin the whole universe there dancing with it, 14 hrs later I'm writing these after a good night sleep, feeling still soo good:)) Love
PS: Everything was good and will be all right:))


Shipment is great, it took three weeks to grow and we tried 7 grms fresh than we ate another 3 grms felt perfect light visuals. Very social mushi. Next time we will try to double the dose and I think gonna be a wonderfull trip. That was my first serious mushi exprience and I adore. I read so many comments i'll like to thank them all because helped me to understand what is going on.

this is the 2nd time i ordered the golden teacher,the first kit wasnt all that great,i ended up with a small batch.but this 2nd order i ended up with about 80-100 shrooms,of all sizes,and this is just the 1st flush.i found by keeping the tempts cooler,they seem to do better.i plane on ordering many more if i keep getting the same quality.great prices,and excellent service.


I received the kit very quickly after ordering and found it very easy to follow the simple directions, even though I had no experience. Within three weeks, I harvested over 40 fruit bodies in the first flush with the largest being 10" tall and having a stalk of nearly 1" in diameter. The experience was hands down the best I've ever had- all fun and zero anxiety. Also, they gave me the best visuals I've ever seen!
Thanks a ton, Shayana! I'll be buying many more of these and spreading the word to all my friends!

Very visual. We watched the movies Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the visuals were so intense, we felt as if we had traveled through both films.


I just love them so good vibes we got after eat them and so quick bloom, like 3 weeks for the first and 1 week next i can harvest like 3/4 times.

A pretty good growkit, managed to harvest 300g fresh in total over 2 weeks... Would definitely recommend it


I received this unused growbox sometime in late February. The very first pinheads showed up on March 9th and produced an awesome flush. As of today, April 2nd, the box is working on it's fourth prolific shroom flush!
How impressive is that for a Shayana grow product!
Of course, it does pay to follow growing instructions carefully. Thanks for the P. Cubensis!!

Amazing got them in 5 days after ordering! and i live in the US. thanks shayanashop you guys are amazing.


Blessed love Shayana

First head has appeared in the first week of growing,i cant wait! I can dig it shayana and i know you can to. Peace out brother man

very satisfyied *
this is divine *
delivery 2 to 4 days (to belgium) *
grown easy and fast * 1 weeks to see the first heads * 1 more week to harvest (2 weeks total)at 20C
this is really a Golden Teacher * it teaches in a different way than Ayahuasca... is really amazing, beyond world * brought me to a reality so close to God... beyond physical words... unexplainable... powerful ... real
Thank you, beyond words! thank you!


I am speechless... my shrooms have now 1 week and 4 days and i see 70 to 80 shroms with 2cm and the bigger ones 4cm :D are they going to get bigger? If so, THANK YOU SHAYANA u rule :D

The golden teachers take a bit longer to grow than the smaller sub-strains of cubensis(ex mexican) for me anyways... the wait is worth the trip imo. took 2.5g golden teachers and would rate them at the top 5 of my hallucinogenic experiences. they are powerful even if not grown at optimal condions from my experience.


So Good and very nice only a little bit patience.and you be happy like me :)

So far so good. It's taking a bit longer than it said it would, but it's been 2w 4d and there are about 30-40 shrooms pinning with 2 of them getting pretty big (3+inches). Hopefully I can harvest in 2-5 days. Can't wait!!


WOW! Received my package quickly and it really is just a matter of adding water and after about 12 days we picked our 1st shrooms. The 1st trip was super chilled and fun... a week later we picked again and this time I lost my mind, I have never experienced such a fun trip with the most awesome visuals like these gave me in my life, will definitely buy these again!

So, I've got kit on 25th of November, yesterday (4th of December) first shroomy-troopaz have arrived, most of them are located on sides of box, so small kit modernization is required ) Growkit was placed straight down under the window and temperature was different, starting from 15 degrees up to 25, they got some stress and became strong) However, most of my friends usually had many longer time to wait, usually they waited up to 1 month! to be shown of first shroomies. I'm glad, that my first experience was so fun )


Received parcel today morning, it took 4 days(Dublin). Great service, thanks Shayana. Next 2 weeks i will be taking care of my baby shrooms.

Ive eaten plenty of magic mushrooms all over the world and these are without a doubt the best Ive ever done.....we ate 30 grams each and came up in about 30 mins for one of the best visual and physical trips Ive ever had. Quality product


OMG you guys are awsome this the second time i buy something here and it tooks only 4 days to Portugal. Thanks this shroomys are the best :D

Dernière commande non productive, mes amis aussi, les pains arrive pourri. Vivement les prochains fourneaux, car c'est le kit le plus suprême en qualité et en rendement... Quand ça marche. À manger avec sagesse ✌️


unbelievable in 7 days at a temperature of 29C° micro mushrooms! I look forward! thank you, I will contact you again soon :D

excellent trip! I ate 10g and after 30min I ate the other 10g. It took less than 2 hours to reach the peak! a feeling of happiness, harmony and peace, with a lot of hope. was surrounded by forest, greenery and giant trees in Sintra (Portugal). very interesting visuals, although they were more intense than I expected… I ended the trip watching the sunset at Guincho Beach (Portugal). the trip lasted about 6 hours, with a soft comedown. the effects of empathy, nature, peace, remained for 15 days. After these 15 days, I felt an emptiness. anyway, i recommend this product and i will buy the grow kit.


Amazing as always. Truffles kick ass and are as safe and perfect as are the fresh and dried GT's.
Box arrived quickly and after we found just a right place to keep the temperature (and some extra humidity) we got the flush going strong in about two weeks and it just doesn't stop. First Jumbo weighed 23.3g!!! So dense, great looking, and so tasty shrooms!! Golden teachers was the ones that have given me always the best medication for depression and also reset my stress levels instantly.

Thanks Shyana for a fast delivery and for answering so many realy works 10/10. It take it abaut 10days that i recived my kit..And now waiting the pins,the kit was 110pros percect 👍. Have nice day for everyone. Peace and Love from Finland!


Took a week and a half to arrive.

After three weeks of growing, I only had small pins, and only in one corner of the box. After another week, I could see trich growing at the bottom. So I had to throw the whole thing out.

Took 12 days to arrive, nice discreet packaging. 11 days to start pinning and 7 days until the first flush harvest of 75g fresh and a few more to come. Having tried one microdose already I can already tell I'm not gonna need antidepressants anymore! Thanks so very much Shayana, you are the best!


Delivery was fast, mushrooms were really nice. I had some unforgettable moments with my friends in the nature, enjoying our beautiful world from another perspective. I love it. Thanks shayana!

Really impressed with service, I was a bit nervous but 🍀 Box arrived extremely fast and save into IRL. 🍀


Hey there ;D
I ordered the first time in 2010
and have never ever been unsatisfied.
Had always multiple flushes.
And last time I remember it seemed
that it wouldn't stop flushing.
Can't wait to get my teachers. ;;)
Have a great time, everyone!

Bon, après près de 25 jours d'attente, la boite magique est enfin arrivée! La joie remplace la frustration et les mycélium commencent leur danse érotique.
Prochain message lorsque les professeurs auront fini leur formation.


Recieved package 20/8 today (4/9 )it is harvest Day 👍👍👍 sooo looking forward to try them ... Its been 7 years since my last shroom trip ... Love ya shayanashop !!!

First of all Shayana delivers! My idea was to microdose with my girlfriend - I can really recommend this. Fast delivery 12-14 days i think, had the kit in a room a bit too cold but after it got in the living room it started growing big time. First flush about 255 g fresh. Second a about 80 g and third about 60. Last night i did 5 grams in a dark room and alone. Quite boring except for when i turned on the light. A lot of insights but i hoped for more visuals with my eyes closed. Gonna go for a more potent strain next time.. Peace out.


Richtig geiles grow kit bin ja schon lange euer kunde und werde euch immer treu bleiben aber bei manche sachen wie 1p lsd seid ihr einfach zu teuer gibt es hier schon für 8 Euro 1 Stück in den shops..... Gruß immerbock

This was the first time I ever tried any such thing. As a professional, a computer programmer, I previously never did this kind of stuff, ever.

I have to say it has fundamentally changed my life and my approach to life, anyone, anywhere must try this and go through this. It is a heavenly experience which "busts" your mind right open.


first flush 180-190g. Harvested all at one time, think i could have had more if i only collected the largest and gave the others more time. Anyways, pretty happy with what i got. Since only the fringes of the box were populated i can only imagine how much you get if you do everything technically right.
Growing the shrooms is big time fun, even though it teaches patience =)

The kit came like 12 days after it was reported as being shiped so it was kinda shrunk in from the sides and the bottom of the substrate box, it still works great but if you want the mushrooms to grow on top of the box you have to tape it so no light hits the side or even the bottom, i have lots of shrooms without any chance to expand and none growing in the center of the box.
Took more than seven days for the kit to pin shrooms but i gave em too little light i think, was great to watch the life cirlce of the shrooms, gladly looking forward for the first harvest and what comes afterwards.


The Mushrooms are amazing, Very Enlightening. Shared with Friends who now require a kit.
Thank you

Great experience! you tend to learn alot from these. very happy shrooms.
they growed fast and happily with no problems, one thing tho is important set and setting, and make sure the shrooms are dired before eating.

Get reconnected to your roots and feel good have fun:)


This is da Bomb. arrived in 14 days, grew as expected in three weeks. But the best is:
I had an awesome spiritual trip where I found myself, I found peace. Later I was able to write a text like I never did. Just INSANE. Shayana <3 You're insane!!!!! Expect me to order more in the upcoming weeks. YOU GUYS CHANGED MY LIFE when I needed the most.

I'll give it a Generous 10/10 but totally deserved.

These mushrooms will teach what you need to learn. The name live 100% up to the expectation. If you're having a life crisis, this is the go-to medicine. No doubt. Good luck!


Thank you arrived a little bit later than expected, but the packaging is discrete, and the content is there I am really happy with it. I'll make another review once they start growing. Thank you shayana

It took 10 WORKING days to arrive to Greece, 7 days for the 1st flush and 18 grs dry just from that..Multiple it by 4 it will give you roughly around 60 g's of dry yield!!!! tested just 4 grs of fresh and had an amazing energetic bodily high with mild visuals for 3 hours or so... highly recommended!!!!


Grows 4 times, 150-300g each; the first, the second and the third are lame, but the fourth was amazing.
Can't focus on anything more than 3 seconds, very psychological, interesting talks, we built many worlds in our heads.

(I ordered McKenaii, but my review options say GT)

Came with all things it said it would - but the box was roughed up bad by postal services. The casing had some weird red spots that seemed applied, guess it is a growers indicator to tell strains apart but I can't know for sure.
The kit also had a frayed lid, which i optimistically decided had not lead to any contamination.
It went through the 24h dunk, worked with it in sterile conditions - and it STILL got infected.

Now, I don't blame Shayana for the useless growkit, but it still sucks eggs that it didnt work. There goes my new year fun... :(



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