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Jilter Glass Pipe

Jilter Glass Pipe
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Jilter_Glass_Pipe_b.jpg Jilter Glass Pipe
The Jilter Pipe is handmade from borosilicate glass and can be used with the famous Jilter Filters. These filters are designed to reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful cancer-causing agents.

This clear pipe is only 13 cm long, but the bowl is exceptionally big for such a small pipe. The simple design without corners and edges allows for simple and effective handling, also making the pipe very easy to clean. Includes 1 Free Pack of Jilter Filters!

Height Length
22 cm
10 cm

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Richtig geil das teil kann ich jedem pur Raucher empfehlen. Nur schade das es erst reduziert wurde nachdem ich es bestellt habe.
Ansonsten echt super mit den jitter filtern.

Turbo Versand dieses mal.
Danke Shayana